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The Croatian Camping offer is often compared with big campsites, even though the small campsites can also offer to their visitors a different, but not less attractive range of services and experiences.

Mini campsites are smaller campsites with capacity of up to 200 people and they represent an ideal escape from the rush and stress and enable you to enjoy your holiday in a family surroundings. In order for your holiday to be really relaxing and to ensure that you avoid unpleasant surprises on arrival at your chosen camping destination, we have selected for you quality small campsites that meet an entire range of standards and criteria, from the campsite's entrance, pitches, sanitary facilities, additional services and facilities to the care for the environment.

The list that follows contains mini campsites that upon inspection have met the required standards. Do come back and visit this page again as the list of endorsed campsites will grow in line with our campsites' inspection

Dalmatia - Dubrovnik Region

Camping Adriatic

HR-20250 Orebić
Mokalo 6
+385 (0)20 713 420
  Camping Kate

HR-20207 Mlini
Tupina 1
+385 (0)20 487 006

This campsite is located on the seashore, offering a pleasant family atmosphere thanks to its owners who pay great attention to every detail, even the slightest ones. Apart from the diving base, the campsite's offer includes berths for small vessels, restaurant with local specialties and a swimming-pool.


Kate campsite is situated next to the Adriatic Highway, 6km away from Dubrovnik and is an ideal starting point for exploring the charms of Southern Dalmatia. Some of the most beautiful local beaches as well as a naturist beach can be found nearby. Great attention is paid to ecology.

Camping Vala

HR-20250 Orebić
Mokalo b.b.
+385 (0)98 184 3631

Camping Ponta

HR-20250 Orebić
Mokalo b.b.
+385 (0)20 713 104

The shade of pines and olive trees and a nearby gravel beach make it a perfect place to relax and unwind. Because of the terraced terrain, much of the campsite is adapted exclusively for tents. The terrain offers a beautiful view of the island of Korčula and the surrounding rocks, while on the beach there is a restaurant with a wide variety of food and drinks.

A family campsite for those who love the sea and beautiful beaches. While a part of the campsite offers modern pitches for motorhomes, the terraced pitches by the sea are suitable only for tents, in the shade of pines, tamarisk and olive trees. The campsite offers a number of amenities, such as free Internet, boat charter, sailing, diving, fishing and its own organic products.

  Camping Palme

HR-20267 Kućište
Kućište 45
+385 (0)20 719 164
Camping Pod maslinom

HR-20234 Orašac
Put prema moru b.b.
+385 (0)20 891 169

Palme campsite situated on the Pelješac peninsula represents a true surfer paradise. Apart from wonderful gravel beaches with a view of the island of Korčula, it offers all the amenities of a large campsite, including accommodation in mobile homes, but with the intimacy of a small campsite.

As its name suggests (literally "under an olive tree"), the campsite is situated in the shade of ancient olive trees, deeply immersed in nature. Its position makes it suitable for a number of boat excursions to nearby islands as well as for visiting Dubrovnik. Shops, restaurants and other necessary amenities are located in the nearby village of Orašac.

Camping Lupis

HR-20269 Lovište
Lovište 68
+385 (0)20 718 063

Camping Zakono

HR-20246 Brijesta
Brijesta 10
+385 (0)98 344 204

Lupis is a campsite with a 30-years tradition, situated in the northernmost part of the Pelješac peninsula. It implements renewable energy solutions and it is characterized by a nice beach and infrastructure suitable for children and the disabled. The region is known for its 3000 sunny hours per year, making it ideal for swimming and sunbathing.

The campsite is arranged in keeping with the latest standards, surrounded by unspoiled nature allowing for a perfect experience of harmony. The campsite sometimes hosts real mini fishing competitions, whereas hiking and cycling enthusiasts can fully enjoy in its surroundings.

Dalmacija  - Šibenik Region

Camping Robeko

HR-22 222 Skradin / Piramatovci
Bilo stanovi 12
+385 (0)98 746 805
Camping Jasenovo

HR-22010 Brodarica / Žaborić
Uvala Jasenovo
+385 (0)98 906 3250

The campsite is situated within a rural household in the Šibenik hinterland, not far from Skradin and National park Krka. Its owners live on the farm, and their motto is “living in harmony with nature”. The pitches are surrounded by vineyards, an orchard and a garden, and the whole property has been declared an ecological zone. Apart from a tavern, guests can use a swimming pool.

Jasenovo campsite in Brodarica is a little campsite located on the Dalmatian coast arranged with great care and attention. The campsite uses solar energy, has a snack bar and children can enjoy themselves at a protected playground with superior equipment. Fresh foodstuffs are delivered daily.

Dalmacija - Zadar Region

Camping Miočić

HR-23248 Ražanac
Rtina 139
+385 (0)98 748-326

Camping Puntica

HR-23248 Ražanac
Puntica 1
+385 (0)23 651 230

The campsite offers a quiet ambience on the seashore, just a few kilometres from the island of Pag. Within the family rural household, surrounded by ancient olive trees and solid rock, there is a rustic tavern where the owners prepare traditional specialties. This eco-friendly campsite and its surroundings are particularly interesting for sculptors, as well as for art- and archaeology lovers.

The campsite is located nearby the island of Pag, boasting high-quality facilities and alternative energy sources usage. Visitors will be thrilled with a giant barrel at the entrance, doubling as a reception desk. The campsite is known for its traditional fiestas serving Croatian wine and anchovies.

Camping Zrmanja - Mićanovi dvori

HR-23450 Obrovac
Drage b.b. (Kruševo)
+385 (0)23 689 920

Camping Arboretum

HR-23262 Barotul
Barotul 8e
+385 (0)99 253 8711

This rural household offers a holiday in a traditional ambience of the Dalmatian hinterland, however, guests can enjoy all the modern amenities, such as, an outdoor swimming pool, Internet, comfortable mobile homes and children’s playground. In addition, there is a wide range of recreational amenities.

This simple and charming campsite located on the island of Pašman abounds with biking and trekking trails. The campsite is situated 150 m from a sandy beach, and the owner organises traditional sailing and fishing tours on a regular basis for campsite guests, while they have a large grill at their disposal for evening gatherings.

Camping Filip

HR-23207 Sv. Filip i Jakov
Put Primorja 10a
+385 (0)23 389 196

Camping Kargita

HR-23287 Veli Rat
Veli klanac 105
+385 (0)98 532 333

Filip is a typical modern small family campsite. It is located next to a well-tended public beach with plenty of entertaining facilities and mooring. It disposes of a barbecue area and guests have a number of excursions at their disposal. The campsite, overlooking the picturesque island of Pašman, is only a 30 minute drive to the County capital, Zadar.

Located on the northern end of Dugi otok (Long Island), near an old lighthouse, the campsite is immersed in untouched nature and surrounded by beautiful sandy and stone beaches. Guests can relax in the shade of the campsite or engage in numerous activities including cycling, diving and trekking.

  Camping Mandarino

HR-23287 Soline / Verunić
Uvala Lučica
+385 (0)99 662 2504 
    Camping Odmoree

HR-23248 Ražanac
Rtina 161b
+385 (0)98 272 187 

For lovers of the sea and beaches this campsite offers the possibility of discovering hidden coves and sunken ships. In addition to enjoying the crystal clear sea, guests can experience the local cuisine in the campsites restaurant or drink a cocktail while enjoying the view on the sea.


This charming small campsite is located on the coast, above a sandy beach and offers its guests, among other,  a swimming pool where they can relax and drink cocktails. Nature lovers will be thrilled with the proximity of five national parks and three nature parks.

  Camping Karin

HR-23452 Donji Karin
Karin plaža b.b.
+385 (0)23 687 349 

Campsite Karin offers a cozy atmosphere and a true experience of camping in nature. In the immediate vicinity of the campsite there is a beach with healing mud suitable for treatment of skin and rheumatic diseases while nature lovers can discover the beauty of the nearby national parks, as well as many neighboring islands.



Camping Slamni

HR-51514 Dobrinj
Klimno 8a
+385 (0)51 853 169

Camping Ujča

HR-53284 Sveti Juraj
Vučja draga b.b.
+385 (0)53 884 626

Campsite Slamni is a small family-run camp located on the northern part of the island of Krk near the picturesque village of Klimno. This newly built campsite is situated next to a pebble beach in the inlet of Soline, famous for its healing mud. The campsite’s restaurant offers a variety of local dishes.

This campsite is located in a wonderful little cove with a rather large gravel beach, under the picturesque Adriatic Highway, in the Velebit Nature Park. The campsite is perfect for real campers who will be overwhelmed by its simplicity. It also disposes of a diving base.

  Camping Marušina Olive Hills

HR-51521 Punat
Pešćivica 16
+385 (0)98 327 109

Camping Marta

HR-51500 Krk
Skrbčići 29
+385 (0)51 863 126

The campsite is located near the town of Punat on the island of Krk, which is connected to the mainland with a bridge. Fully integrated in the surroundings, this campsite offers a holiday on pitches and traditional houses while in the proximity there is a large offer of outdoor activities.


Campsite Marta, located near the historic town of Krk, is ideal for lovers of small, family campsites. Together with accommodation on pitches, the campsite offers accommodation in smaller plots suitable for tents, while there is also a children's playground. The campsite is just 1.5 kilometers away from the famous Jert bay.

  Camping Lando Resort

HR-51280 Rab
Kampor 321 (Uvala Mel)
+385 (0)99 645 8000

Lando Resort is a campsite located in Kampor, right next to one of the most famous sandy beaches on the island of Rab. 11 luxury villas are complemented by camping pitches for hire. Facilities include two covered swimming pools, a children's playground and a barbecue area. A shallow sandy bay ideal for children is available which also features sports activities.


Continental Croatia

Camping Zagreb

HR-10437 Rakitje
Jezerska 6
+385 (0)1 3324 506

Camping Heart of Nature

HR-47272 Ribnik
Gorica Lipnička 8
+385 (0)47 609 090

Visitors who want to explore the Croatian capital city, Zagreb, and at the same time relax in nature can visit this modern campsite which also offers a restaurant, bar, children's playground and a unique salt room. The campsite is located next to the Lake Rakitje.

This is a continental campsite immersed in the untouched nature, only 17 km from the exit of the Zagreb - Rijeka highway. It boasts a rich gastronomic choice, local products and a wide range of recreational activities. With modern pitches and apartment houses, the campsite guests have an outdoor heated pool at their disposal.

  Camping Sabljaci

HR-47300 Ogulin
Sabljako selo 65
+385 (0)98 902 3085

Camping Vinia

HR-43000 Bjelovar
Puričani 40
+385 (0)43 636 206

The camping rest area Sabljaci is located near the city of Ogulin. It is only a short drive from the A1 motorway, the main road that connects the Croatian inland with its coast. Visitors can rest here from a long trip or take a few days to relax in this unique and quiet area.


Campsite Vinia, located near the town of Bjelovar, offers the authentic experience of the rural region, contact with nature and traditional culinary delights and fine wines from the campsites cellar. For those looking for more comfort, there are rooms, apartment and rural house.

  Camping Etno kuća pod Okićem

HR-10435 Klake / Samobor
Podokićka 40
+385 (0)98 928 8773

Located within a village estate near the town of Samobor, the campsite offers the experience of the traditional way of life in this area. For all those who enjoy active tourism, a large number of hiking and biking trails is available while the naerby Žumberak nature park is particularly interesting.


Camping Motovun

HR-52424 Motovun
Rižanske skupštine 1a
+385 (0)52 681 607

Camping Romantik

HR-52220 Labin
Kapelica 47 b
+385 (0)91 139 6423

The campsite, i.e. the campsite rest area, located in central Istria at the foot of the picturesque town of Motovun, will meet the expectations of all camping lovers. With numerous excursion and recreational possibilities, guests have access to some of the facilities of the Kaštel Hotel, for example, the free use of the swimming pool and additional discounts on wellness services.

The pitches are located in the vicinity of a family house, within a young olive grove. Although located in the Istrian hinterland, it is only a 15 minute drive to Rabac and its beaches. Guests can use a swimming pool with a sunbathing area and an area for barbecues and socialising, numerous biking and hiking trails in the vicinity, as well as a ranch for horseback riding.

Camping Ulika

HR-52210 Rovinj
Polari b.b.
+385 (0)52 817 320
    Camping Mon Paradis

HR-52210 Rovinj
Uvala Veštar b.b.
+385 (0)52 829 107

Modern and well-equipped campsite located in a former olive grove, surrounded by vineyards. It offers a variety of contents, a new relax area with pool, a small swimming-pool for children, a mini gym, obstacles and outdoor gym facilities and a children playground. There is also a typical Istrian konoba-restaurant with a rich traditional gastronomic offer.

This campsite is situated in a picturesque bay nearby Rovinj, next to a larger campsite. Its arrangement is very nice and simple offering its visitors a full experience of holiday in nature under ancient olive trees, in an intimate atmosphere. Contrary to the majority of nearby beaches, the bay in front of the campsite is covered in sand.

Camping Diana

 HR-52203 Pula / Banjole
Kaštanjež b.b.
+385 (0)99 293 1962

This campsite will enchant you with its arrangement, horticulture, swimming-pools and indigenous atmosphere. Although not situated immediately on the shore, the campsite offers a very attractive combination of shade, peace and quiet. The owners organize boat tours to the nearby Brijuni archipelago and prepare grilled specialties.

Download the new OK Mini Camps Brochure!

Download the new OK Mini Camps Brochure!


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