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Numerous prestigious awards have been awarded to Croatian campsites!

There are numerous recognitions, both at European and national level, awarded to Croatian campsites this year.

Prestigious Awards 2019

One of the most significant recognitions, the Leading Campings of Europe, was awarded to campsite Čikat which put this campsite on the list of the European camping elite. Čikat is the 40th member campsite of this prestigious group.

ADAC, the German Automotive Club, has awarded its most significant quality label, the ADAC Superplatz, to as many as 10 Croatian campsites:

The campsite Čikat is mentioned again in the context of the best ones as ADAC granted the campsite an Innovation Award for its project "Safe Camping on the area of campite Čikat".

The ANWB Top Camping label, the Dutch equivalent of the German quality label, has been awarded to the best eleven:

The Aminess Maravea Camping Resort was awarded the DCC Europapreis 2019 prize by the largest German association promoting camping tourism, DCC, while the award for an innovative glamping was awarded by the touroperator Vacanceselect to the newly opened Santa Marina campsite.

Finally, the best campsites were awarded at the national level by the Croatian Camping Union - the Croatia's Best Campsites award was received by 57 campsites, while 41 campsites received the OK Mini Camps label.


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