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  • Some of the best campsites in Europe …_mobile homes, apartments and depots

    Some of the best campsites in Europe …

    – mobile homes, apartments and depots

  • Camping in Croatia…_European camping at its finest

    Camping in Croatia…

    – European camping at its finest

  • Discover Croatian Camping…_Dalmatia, Istria, Kvarner, Inland Croatia

    Discover Croatian Camping…

    – Dalmatia, Istria, Kvarner, Inland Croatia

  • Adriatic camping holidays…_sun, sea and luxurious campsites

    Adriatic camping holidays…

    – sun, sea and luxurious campsites

Croatia – The True Camping Destination

The quality of camping in Croatia has been recognised by camping enthusiasts since the very start of the European camping scene. Even when visiting the Adriatic with a caravan was a real adventure, often taking 24 hours or more to reach the nearest Croatian island from Western Europe, European camping fans would travel to Croatia’s campsites each year in ever increasing numbers. Today, Croatian camping is more popular than ever, and more luxurious than ever.

Camping Oprna - Baska

The stereotype image of camping has been replaced by modern, well equipped and hospitable campsites, usually with their own beaches. Innovations range from the introduction of family friendly mini-campsites through to larger holiday parks boasting their own chalet apartments and mobile home facilities. More than 2 million people visit Croatia each year to spend their camping holiday  surrounded by clean beaches, clear blue seas, wonderfully preserved natural surroundings, and of course sunshine. is the official camping portal for Croatia and has been designed to help you find your ideal camping holiday. Choose a camping destination to your liking, find a campsite, book your holiday, and we look forward to welcoming you to Croatia – the true European camping destination.


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Campsite Awards

  CampingIN Park Umag (2017 - 2013), Lanterna (2017 - 2013), Valalta (2017 - 2013), Zaton Holiday Resort (2017 - 2013), Krk (2017 - 2014), Straško (2017 - 2016)
    Krk, Lanterna, Zaton Holiday Resort  
  ANWB recommends 2010   CampingIN Park Umag (2017), Lanterna (2017), Valalta (2017,2014), Zaton Holiday Resort (2017), Krk (2017), Straško (2017), Naturist Resort Solaris (2017)   
  Alan Rogers Seaside Award   Zaton Holiday Resort (2014), Krk (2013)
  Baldarin, Glavotok, Kovačine, Park Soline, Porto Sole, Sirena, Turist, Zaton Holiday Resort, Robeko  
  DCC Europa Preis 2010.
  Krk (2016), Zaton Holiday Resort (2014), Straško (2013)  
Slapić (2017, 2015)

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