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The quality of bathing water in Croatia is among the highest in Europe

A new report published by the European Commission and the European Environment Agency shows that the water quality at more than 95% of beaches in Croatia was rated as "excellent". The quality of bathing water is rated as "excellent", "good", "satisfactory" or "bad".

Water quality monitoring was carried out at a total of 936 bathing areas, of which 894 were on the seacoast and 42 inland.

  • Rating excellent: 895 beaches (95,6%)
  • Rating good: 24 (2,6%)
  • Rating satisfactory: 0,6%
  • Rating bad: 0,1%

Besides Croatia, the countries which had over 95% of bathing areas with an excellent water quality are Cyprus, Austria, and Greece.

Below is a gallery of some of the most popular Croatian beaches inside the campsites:

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