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Welcome to Croatia...

...a land of thousand islands, mountains and plains


Croatia is an ancient country but a young state with a parliamentary democracy that gained its independence relatively recently. The country borders the sea closest to Central Europe, and the wealth of islands and isles strewn along her intricately indented coastline - extending to over 5,000 km - have earned Croatia the appellation the land of a thousand islands. Awaiting you is a land that geographically reaches into and climatically combines elements of the Mediterranean, Central Europe, the Pannonian Plain and the Danube Basin, with wooded, undulating, hilly landscapes, but also with lofty peaks and densely forested mountains swooping down to and standing guardian over the unique and unforgettable Croatian shores of the Adriatic Sea.

Some basic facts...

Before you decide to come and spend some time in Croatia it might be of interest to know the following:

  • the capital of Croatia is Zagreb
  • the majority of Croatia’s population is of Roman Catholic
  • the national flag is red, white and blue
  • the national coat of arms comprises a red and white chequered field, and early-Croatian three-strand plaited ornament
  • the national currency is the euro (Croatia has joined the euro area on the 1st January 2023

Further information on the position of Croatia on the map of Europe.

Landscapes, nature and sightseeing...

It is also good to know, particularly if one is seeking a little adventure, that Croatia has eight National parks, a number of forest parks, nature reserves of varying character, as well as special natural landscapes, horticultural, botanical gardens (with a particular emphasis on arboretums), geological, hydrological regions. Croatia’s cultural monuments are numerous indeed and which originate from all epochs of history. They are to be found throughout the country.

Land of contrasts...


Croatia is a land whose long and turbulent history - in the course of which it has been ruled by many and various masters - bequeathed it a rich heritage of a blend of influences from which the Croats knew how to keep only the best and to adapt the various influences to their own liking and for their own needs. Croatia is indeed a land of contrasts - and not only in its natural diversity but also in many other elements. Closely intertwined across her territory are the elements of epic quality and of lyricism - as those from the past, so those from present times.

Camping tourism in Croatia

One of the segments of Croatian tourism which this web-site deals with, is well developed and widely represented camping tourism.

Through regulation to the demands of campers and caravanners, the specific culture and hospitality was built upon and, combined with the construction of specialised facilities and the provision of the right services, it has resulted in an ever increasing number of visitors, as well as in the creation of the country’s reputation and image as an ideal camping destination.

And so, down the length of Croatian coastline - from Savudrija to Dubrovnik - campers are enjoying themselves in facilities adapted to their wishes, in natural environments, savouring a true balance achieved through sports, wholesome food, active rest and engagement in hobbies for which they have no time during the rest of the year. The blessings of sun, water and air are being savoured to the full, as is living in and with nature, in clean, healthy, green and ecologically preserved environments.



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