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Mobile homes, Glamping, Bungalows & Apartments

Mobile homes Sirena

Camping is famous in Croatia, on the Mediterranean and in whole Europe in general, as a traditional type of holiday.

What we are offering you is something completely different...

Situated in a preserved nature, not far from the most beautiful Mediterranean destinations: mobile homes and bungalows of modern campsites situated in the heart of nature, but still close to the cities and landscapes of priceless natural and cultural-historical heritage are a guarantee of a rich vacation full of contents.

Mobile homes Valkanela

Welcome to a completely new type of vacation, where the non-conformism and the relaxation melts with a variety of events, of entertainment and excursions towards itineraries of incredible beauty.

A holiday that offers you an awakening surrounded by greenery and the melody of waves, but with a full comfort of your accommodation. An intimate breakfast on your own terrace touched by the sun, to admire the stars under the sparkling sky - all of that combined with laughter, company and as many activities as you like and imagine.

Because... the ways of making one´s day full are infinite here.


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