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Croatian Beaches and Blue flags

Croatian beach on Lopar

The 98% of Croatian campsites are situated directly by the sea, close to the tourist centres, and mostly in a beautiful nature.

Croatia has 1.777 km of mainland coast, an if we calculate Islands as well, we get a fantastic 5.835 km - and this means lots of beaches!

Everyone can find a beach for oneself on the Croatian coast, according to preferences: pebble, sandy, rocky; small or big; equipped or wild - what all have in common is the clean sea, a pleasant climate and the incredible blue Adriatic sea surrounded by pine-trees and the green mediterranean vegetation.

Blue Flag

Since 1987 in Europe is successfully performed a programme for the environmental protection of the sea and coastline called Blue Flag for beaches and marinas. The leader and the international programme manager is the Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe - FEEE, established in the 1981 within the European Council.

Croatian campsites are particularly engaged in ecology and nature preservation. More than 100 beaches in Croatia gained the prestigious brand "Blue Flag" - an international quality symbol for:

  • Preserved nature
  • Clean sea and clean beaches
  • Well equipped beaches
  • High quality services

The initiative begun with a stimulation of local authorities to improve the safety and cleanness of beaches and marinas, and today it represents an additional safety factor both for local inhabitants and for holiday makers. Today the program includes over twenty countries having tourism for one of their strategic aims.

The Blue Flag symbolizes a preserved, safe and pleasant surrounding intended for relaxation, fun and recreation, a well developed managing system of the coastline and sustainable development in tourism. To have a Blue Flag on the beach or marina means a high-level tourist advertising, based on a high-quality service, clean sea and coast, and beach equipment.


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