First results of the CAMPMASTER project: a major analysis on the needs of the European camping sector has been finished

Sector needs analysis

The CAMPMASTER project - "Development of a European curriculum in sustainable management of camping resorts" has been going on since October 2020 and a particularly large number of activities were carried out during March 2021, when the first Steering Committee meeting was held at the beggining of the month, on March 5th. In addition to the planned future activities, the results of the first intellectual output were presented at the meeting.

An analysis of the needs of the European camping sector was conducted, in which, among other things, 203 existing graduate study programs were analyzed , and among which only 7% of the programs have some connection with the camping industry. An extensive study of the framework of key companies and organizations in the field of camping tourism in Europe and their impact on the development of sustainable camping management was also conducted.

As part of this analysis, a large international survey was conducted in which more than 150 representatives of the camping industry from all over Europe participated , numerous interviews were conducted with people with key influence on decision-making in the field of destination development as well as a research among students from all three CAMPMASTER participating universities.

The results of the research show a great interest of students (55.4%) who are interested in enrolling in graduate studies in the field of campsites and sustainability , and a special interest and need for such a study was expressed by representatives of the camping industry.

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