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2021 – the boom of campervan trips

The summer season 2021 will definitely be the year of camping – the reasons are obvious, since travelling in your own campervan or with your camping trailer is one of the safest ways to spend your holidays. Additionally, campsites are wide open spaces and they offer all the amenities one could wish for, but at the same time they guarantee individuality and intimacy.

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And what’s the synonym for self-sufficient holidays? Motorhome and Campervan trips!

Camping is becoming a global trend; it is enough to have a look at the sales figures in Europe and elsewhere. One of the richest European markets, Germany, recorded in 2020 a rise of 44% in the segment of camping and recreation vehicles. For the first time in history, there have been more than 107.000 registered vehicles in only one year. Experts predict the continuing of this trend, because camping attracts new market groups, like the millennials, i.e. people in their twenties and thirties who prefer smaller camping vehicles which they can use for everyday commuting as well. Once they discover the beauty of touring and camping, they’ll probably opt for larger and more comfortable camping vehicles. Of course, the latest are not cheap, new campervans can be bought at a price of ca. 40.000 Euros, but it is not rare that they cost more than 200.000 Euro. You already quit the idea of caravanning? You shouldn’t!

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Renting a caravan is simple and clever

Nowadays, there are a lot of camper rental companies with whom you can rent new and well-equipped vehicles in top condition at fair prices. Don’t forget that these vehicles provide everything you need for a relaxed holiday, they feature a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room and bedroom, so they really become your “house on wheels”, which you can move according to your daily inspiration.

Some camper rental companies, like Campstar, give you an overview of thousands of campervans and motorhomes worldwide, with more than 30.000 vehicles at their disposal and with offices in 25 countries. In this way, it really becomes easy to find your perfect match. Just to give you an idea, you can rent a camper for 5 persons already from around 100,00 Euro daily, on top of which you will have to add the cost of gasoline, road tolls and overnights at campsites or camper stops. That is not cheap, but think of the price you would pay for a hotel, an apartment or a mobile home, options that cannot provide nearly as much flexibility nor special experience for the whole family. Because we are sure not only your children will love it!

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Renting is always a good idea because you don’t have to take care of expensive maintenance, whilst during you journey you can rely on a professional customer support and great insurance packages – be sure to check and compare all this element before opting for a certain campervan and motorhome provider. Sometimes what initially seems to be an unbeatable offer, turns into a nightmare if you are left all by yourself with a broken camper in a foreign country.

You are ready to go! But where are you heading?

Once you’ve rented your camper, it’s time to decide where do you want to spend your camping holidays. If we take a look at the German market and the preferences of German campers, Croatia is among the top 3 preferred camping destinations (together with Germany and Italy). It is also one of the most practical destinations to drive to, thanks to the network of highways and short distances you’ll have to travel. For example, from Munich to Istria there are less than 550 km to drive to. When we talk about the preferred European camping destinations of German camping guests, the winner is Istria, followed by Lake Garda and Venice, whilst Dalmatia sits on number four, in front of Catalunya!

And if it is your first-time camping adventure, you can find many useful tips about travelling with a campervan and camping in general, as well as about travelling in these demanding times in many camping forums or pages like the Campstar Trends blog.

Whatever your destination might be or your preferred way of travelling, don’t miss the opportunity to try at least once the option of travelling with a campervan, because it gives you that feeling of freedom and individuality than no other type of vacation can give you. But pay attention, it is contagious, and you might change you travelling habits for ever 😊


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