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Istria ... The green Mediterranean

Istria... the Mediterranean paradise

Istra, this never ending challenge for all who visit and a true paradise for tourists. Istria is the largest Croatian peninsula with seas that come closest to mainland Europe, and is in fact Croatia’s quite lovely and cultivated forecourt. Throughout its tumultuous history it has attracted the interest of many - some came visiting, but many came to conquer and rule, for shorter or longer periods of time. In the passage of time the people of Istria acquired a feeling for and culture of living together with one another, and they absorbed numerous useful blends of the influences of Slavic, Romanic or Germanic provenance in all segments of life, which are omnipresent and clearly visible today.

Rovinj panorama - photo
Foto: Hrvoje Serdar, CNTB

Dotted along the coast are renowned tourist centres: fashionable and sporty Umag; Early Romanesque and Early Christian Poreč - the tourist metropolis of Croatia; Antique Pula; Rovinj - with the strongest Mediterranean character and its wonderful architecture and parks; lovely and idyllic Novigrad, Medulin and Rabac, and the naturist campsite of Vrsar, known worldwide.

When green and blue become one...

Sitting just offshore of the Istrian peninsula is the Brijuni Archipelago, one of the most beautiful of Croatia’s eight national parks. Then, there is the Lim Channel - a nature reserve and a well known fish and shellfish (oysters and mussels) farm. All along the shore are small towns, charming and picturesque, and a richly indented coastline with countless coves, bays and beaches, with many green islands, all of which round off the beautiful image of Istria.

And having had your fill of lounging in the sun on some lovely beach, why not venture into the unspoilt and waiting to be discovered interior of Istria? You are certain to be left breathless by its beauty, or to become a true connoisseur on one of the wine roads, or in any one of the agro-tourist centres or village inns; you will find fresh enjoyment in discovering tiny, enchanting towns perched on the top of hills and dominated by slender penchurch bell towers. If you should happen to pay a visit to such places of worship you will find tranquillity long forgotten in the hectic world around us, combined with the beauty of ancient frescoes and exquisite architecture.The captivating atmosphere, landscape dotted with green groves, copses and clearings, preserved fauna, an occasional brook or small lake, are guaranteed to leave no one unmoved.

Cape Kamenjak - photo
Foto: Ivo Biočina, CNTB

Enjoy every moment!

Hotels, tourist estates, campsites, marinas, family apartments and rooms - all offer a wide ranging palette of services and facilities in accommodation, as well as indigenous gastronomy, entertainment, special entertainment programmes, sports and recreation, in a selection of excursion sites. They also provide all the information requested, in parallel with a complete tourist infrastructure. Guests may avail themselves of numerous attractive terraces, pizzerias, bars, bistros, coffee shops and coffee houses, restaurants, wine cellars. There are facilities for all kinds of sport - from the traditional to the latest - for visitors longing for recreation in the best days of the year, those of one’s holiday.

So we welcome you to the beautiful land of Istria, which can be entered without knocking - for its door is always open wide to all those who come with good intentions, to dear guests and friends.


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