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7 reasons why you should spend your holidays in a mobile home in Croatia

Summer is coming and perhaps you are already planning your vacation. Once you know where the journey will take you, it's about deciding which type of accommodation to choose. Say yes to a stay in a mobile home, we provide you with seven reasons:

Mobile home photo

1. Your home on vacation

Coziness, comfort and the amenities of everyday life, even on holiday: in a mobile home you will find all the things you need for a relaxed stay. Modern kitchen appliances as well as air conditioning for the living rooms, satellite TV and a complete furnishing. Enjoy being at home while on vacation.

2. Easy preparation

No time-consuming packing of the necessary utensils for the holidays such as tableware and cutlery, bed linen, bedding and other things. All these things are already in your booked mobile home (anyway, it is good to check it before your arrival) and are ready for use. You can just travel and relax.

3. Holiday in nature

Camping holidays in Croatia means not only sun, beach and sea, but also beautiful green landscape, which is well maintained and preserved. If you decide to stay in a mobile home, you have a bit of it right outside your door. In addition, there is a fully equipped and furnished terrace in many campsites for each mobile home. There you can spend great hours together with your family or friends - take this unique opportunity for a hearty breakfast in the open air to start your day in the sun or enjoy a glass of wine in the evening under the starry skies.

4. Excellent location

Many mobile homes are centrally located in the campsite, directly in nature and often in the shade of old pine or oak trees. There you can relax in a hammock and enjoy a little afternoon nap out of the heat. Some mobile homes also offer breathtaking views of the sea, adding to your holiday feeling.

5. Close to famous sights

Sure, the summer holiday is all about relaxed sunbathing, swimming, water sports and just spending time with your loved ones on the beach. If in between you feel for a change, just take advantage of the perfect location of many campsites in the immediate vicinity of many interesting places. That way you can combine your holiday on the Adriatic Sea with visiting well-known attractions in Istria, Kvarner or Dalmatia.

Mobile home with pools photo

6. Connection to nature

Hand on the heart - everyday life with work, private life and maybe even children is already a stressful affair. Personal needs are far too often left behind. But you can eradicate that - take the chance which is offered to you by a campsite located directly in nature and in a wonderful landscape. Find you way back to your roots in the Mediterranean landscape and enjoy the connection to the primordial state during a stay in a mobile home in Croatia.

7. Just as you wish it

Finally, a significant advantage for a holiday in a mobile home can be mentioned, which provides plenty of room for conviction. It refers to the independence and flexibility that you enjoy in every respect. You want to sleep long and have breakfast on the terrace? Do it! Want to take the opportunity to meet like-minded people at the campsite and make new friends from around the world? Just do it! You can do or leave when and what you want. At the same time, you will not have as much privacy in any holiday accommodation as in a mobile home. And that probably makes a holiday unforgettable!

A dream vacation come true

Whether in Istria, Kvarner, Dalmatia or hinterland, mobile homes offer you the perfect accommodation for a dream holiday. To conclude... it is time to realize your dream on the Adriatic!


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