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...why Croatia as your camping holiday destination

There are two reasons that lead a man camping: the wish for freedom & the return to nature. Croatia, as a safe country with a marvellous nature and plenty of campsites, meets those camping needs perfectly...

Croatian campsites are mostly located right by the sea, away from noisy areas and in an ecologically clean environment. Most of them are open from May till October, but there is also a large number of those that are open throughout the year, offering special conditions, such as heated sanitary facilities, common areas and the like.

The variety of campsites by size goes from large campsites, real cities with diverse facilities and leisure activities, to a great number of small campsites, located practically in the gardens and courtyards of private owners.

Camping holidays in Croatia mean...

The magic world of islands, the coast and the beauty of the sea

Cape Kamenjak

Welcome to 1246 islands and 1777 km of beautiful and well-indented coast with bays, beaches, coastal pine woods and perfect small littoral towns. Beaches are mostly pebble with possibility to practice all water sports and to enjoy a crystal clear sea, without big waves and tides - just perfect for swimming.

Croatia - the true european camping holiday destination

Camping Pineta

About a third of all visitors to Croatia are campers which proves popularity of Croatia as one of top european camping holiday destinations. Croatian campsites are diverse, safe and friendly, situated on the most beautiful locations, many at the seafront and are offering freedom and a real contact with nature.

Croatia - a paradise for naturists

Naturist Camping Koversada

Croatia has the longest naturist tradition in Europe. There are a number of very well equipped naturist campsites with some textile campsites having a dedicated naturist beaches that offer safety for naturists. Naturists also enjoy their freedom in numerous small bays and coves, some of which can be reached by foot, but others only by a boat.

A unique and preserved nature

Kopacki rit

There are eight Croatia National parks, eleven Nature parks, natural reserves and protected areas. You will find mountains, rivers, woodlands, lakes, brooks and creeks, lowlands... amazing surroundings. Flora and fauna is rich and various too with lots of endemic species, ornitologic reserves, rich underwater world, hunting and fishing.

Mild mediterranean climate perfect for camping


The coastal climate is characterised by pleasant warm summers and mild springs and autumns which allows most campsites to be open from April till October.

Improve your wellbeing in Croatian camps


Croatia offers camping in a natural surrounding, relax your body and soul, enjoy playing sports as a return to a healthy lifestyle or purely as a personal enjoyment and pleasure.

Choose campsites near croatian cultural heritage


Seven Croatian localities are registered in the UNESCO list of World Heritage monuments. There are also gorgeous mediterranean towns, monuments, museums, galleries, collections. Historic cities like Dubrovnik, Split, Trogir, Poreč and Pula all have campsites nearby for you to enjoy a mixture of culture with the sun and the sea...

Taste the Mediterranean cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine

Healthy food of freshly caught grilled fish, our local olive oil, fresh vegetables from the market as well as some of finest wine... for you to enjoy whilst sitting in a deck chair on your camping pitch and watch the sunset...

And last but not least... Croatia is so close


Easily accessible from all over Europe in less than a day travelling. Since new motorways have been constructed Croatia is even closer, just over an hour from Italy, a few hours from Austria or if you prefer to fly over then there are six airports on the coast where some of low cost airlines fly to.


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