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The best festivals and top events in Croatia

Holidays in Croatia offer something different for everyone - while relaxing sunny days are for some, others prefer a sportive activity or immersion in a foreign culture. No matter what kind of events and celebrations you attend, they will always be a source of self-enrichment. These invite you to participate or to cheer, and sometimes just to admire and celebrate.

Concert in Zadar - photo

Specific events for the country

Croatia is ideal for a holiday in summer. But whoever wants to experience its spectacular culture in connection with the historical tradition, should visit this southern country in December or February. Advent in Croatia is a real experience, especially in the Croatian capital. Not for nothing was this event ranked among the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe.

A few months later, carnival is celebrated here, which is a spectacular and worth seeing event, even when compared with the most famous carnival parties in Italy. Best known in this context is the Rijeka Carnival, with parades, celebrations and costumes reflecting a combination of tradition and fantasy.

During summer, you can enjoy other traditional events that are typical of a particular region. For example, Rapska fjera on the island of Rab and the Full moon night in Zadar, both at the end of July. In August, the medieval market festival Lovrečeva on the island of Krk is held and in the same month, guests can visit the famous equestrian festival eAlka in Sinj, while in the Continental part of Croatia, the urban festival Špancirfest in Varaždin is also worth a visit.

Sports have also their highlights

Basically, Croatia also offers many opportunities to be active. The varied landscape is a real highlight for those who love exercise - whether on land or on the water. Anyone who wants to be physically active and do something good, can take part in the running event Wings for Life. This event is about running for those who cannot, and at the same time to raise funds for research on paraplegia. The event takes place at the beginning of May in Zadar, combining a common activity with a good idea.

Those who like to travel on two wheels will not only find varied landscapes with mountainous and straight roads, but also many corresponding events. The Tour of Croatia in April is a very special event that takes place in different locations throughout Croatia. How about participating in other competitions, which are regularly held in the spring or fall on the coast and on the mainland?

Tennis in Umag - photo

Even tennis has its time - at the Croatia Open in July in Umag. So if you like to deal with volleys, aces or forehands and backhands, you should definitely pack your racket in your holiday suitcase.

Summer festivals for music fans, cineastes and culture enthusiasts

What would a great summer be without concerts and music events? And especially in front of such beautiful sceneries that can be found in many locations in Croatia. The InMusic in Zagreb will take place in Zagreb at the end of June, and the Ultra Europe will start a bit later in Split. The Summer festival in Dubrovnik during July and August is both worth seeing and experiencing. It offers the right things for every taste and offers not only musical highlights but also theatrical performances. Cineastes get their money's worth at the Motovun Film Festival or at the Pula Film Festival, which is the oldest film art event in Croatia.

Moreška in Korčula - photo

What would a summer be without events?

It is obvious that summer offers a wonderful weather, the special atmosphere and the attractions for tourists with a large number of festivals and events. Whether they take place in small villages or in the well-known cities, every single one of them is an experience for itself. Visitors can immerse themselves in the varied and exciting history of the Mediterranean, get to know the culture and peculiarities of the region, and get to know the country and its people better. This will make every holiday an unforgettable experience and convey the fascination of Croatia.


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