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Download GPS coordinates of campsites in Croatia

For an ever growing number of guests using the navigation device, we have indicated the GPS coordinates of every single campsite, and you can immediately view them on the Google map.

The GPS campsites' coordinates, together with a picture, contacts and description of campsites are integral part of the guide of campsites in Croatia with GPS coordinates. In the next paragraphs, we'll present you the procedure for the installation of the guide directly to the navigation device.

Enjoy every moment of your deserved holiday and do not let the search of a destination ruin your mood. Thanks to our detailed GPS coordinates, you can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature and the rich historical heritage of Croatia.

Route Planner

If you don't have a GPS device, don't worry!

Click on the Route Planner

  • type in your start point
  • type in your final destination
  • print the directions

We wish you a safe and pleasant journey!

Alternatively, if you do not want to download the GPS coordinates, you can also view them on our Croatia Campsites GPS Coordinates Map.

Download GPS coordinates to your device

As we know how precious every minute of your holiday is, we have prepared a guide with detailed coordinates of campsites in cooperation with the company Navigo sistem d.o.o. In this way the research of a desired destination does not have to be a waste of your time anymore! You can download all the coordinates, the list of campsites with contacts directly to your navigation device or to the cell phone through the GPS coordinates of Croatian campsites.

This guide with GPS coordinates, pictures and campsites details is very simple to use and it contains information about 189 campsites, and you will also find the following useful information:

  • Type of campsite
  • Campsite's contacts
  • Campsite's capacity
  • Campsite's content
  • Campsite's category
  • Campsite's picture

In the majority of cases the indicated coordinates lead directly to the campsite's reception, in a way to facilitate your journey as much as possible. In a smaller number of cases the coordinates do not lead directly to the campsite, but to the closest centre or town in which the campsite is situated – but in this case this is especially indicated. The coordinates are shown in grades, minutes and seconds (i.e. Latitude: 13°35'48'' E, Longitude: 45°11'29'' N), pay attention to configure your device in the same way.

In which language can I use the guide with GPS campsites' coordinates?

The guide "Campsites in Croatia" has been set up in Croatian and English language. If the GPS contains the text in English, the guide language will be automatically set up in English, and the same for Croatian. The default language is English, and therefore if the GPS has another language except Croatian, the GPS guide will be shown in English.

Watch out on the road…

Before leaving for your holiday and before using your navigation device, we recommend you to check the settings of your device, as many of them do not support special road settings for cars with trailers (caravan) or a bigger motor-home, and therefore a highest attention is always requested and we truly recommend to always pay attention to the traffic signals.

…what if I do not have a map of Croatia on the navigation device?

If you do not have a map that includes at least a basic display of Croatia on the navigation device, you are kindly requested to view the web site of the company Garmin to buy a detailed map of Croatia and its installation on the navigation device.

Download GPS Coordinates

Download the GPS coordinates of campsites directly to your Garmin GPS mobile device with support for GPS navigation. The cell phones users can use the guide with GPS coordinates on condition that they have previously installed the software Garmin Mobile XT: PPC (Windows Mobile platforms i.e. Garmin Asus, HTC, HP, Sony Ericsson...) and Symbian (i.e. cell phones Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung...).

Google view

Installing the file on the navigation device – fast and simple!

  1. Download the .zip file to your computer and open it
  2. Connect your GPS device to your computer through the USB stick
  3. Copy the file to the device's memory in the GARMIN/POI folder (or in the Map folder for other devices)
  4. Disconnect your device from the computer
  5. For searching through the guide on the home page choose "Where?/Additional/choose the guide of interest.

For more details about the downloading, installation of the GPS file and about the devices that support the installation please view the product details.

To buy a detailed map of Croatia and installing it to the navigation device, please view the Garmin company website.


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