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Croatia adorns the cover of the jubilee 200th edition of ADAC's Reisemagazin

Great news comes from Germany, our most important broadcast market - Croatia is on the cover of the jubilee 200th edition of ADAC Reisemagazin. It is one of the most popular and the second best-selling travel magazine on the German market.

Cover Reisemagazin - foto

It is a publication that is printed in an edition of 70,000 copies, and the 200th edition has already been sold out, and additional copies are going into a new printing. This edition looks back on its history of over 30 years, and the main theme of the edition is the Mediterranean. ADAC says, "We are discovering Croatia as a tourist destination in all its aspects, from the coast with sunny islands to the surprising natural beauties in the hinterland. Expect a beautiful hiking tour with a view of the sea on Velebit, discover the beautiful capital Zagreb or untouched river landscapes along the Danube, Drava or Sava."

Nera Miličić (Head of the HTZ Office in Munich) said: "This is great news for Croatia and the promotion of our country on the important German market. In addition to adorning the cover, Croatia is additionally presented on as many as 52 pages of the magazine, in which our country is highlighted as an attractive year-round destination, so many readers will have the opportunity to get to know the beauty and diversity of Croatian destinations. Special emphasis is placed on the wealth of Croatian historical and cultural heritage, the diversity of food and gastronomy and the preservation of nature, that is, on those segments of the offer in which German travel enthusiasts show the greatest interest".


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