2nd Crossborder Seminar - Accessible tourism market and promotional strategies

The Croatian Camping Association is pleased to invite you to participate in the 2nd Crossborder seminar within the Tourism4All project, called: "Accessible tourism market and promotional strategies". The seminar will be held in the virtual environment on the Zoom platform, on Wednesday, 14th July 2021, from 11:00 -13:00.

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About the 2nd Crossborder Seminar:

Experts, stakeholders and partners participating in the seminar will try to give a comprehensive overview of the accessible tourism market and the specifics of its promotional approach, in order to reach potential tourists from various market segments, with an emphasis on the accessible tourism market and the development of a transnational network of tourist services and destinations.

The understanding of the needs of people with disabilities, as well as the definition of various promotional activities is especially important now, when world’s paradigms have changed in a significant manner, due to the pandemic which had a major impact on the tourism industry.

During the seminar, panelists will present their own experiences, best practices and guidelines for the accessibility of tourist facilities, which will be useful for the start-up, development and fine-tuning of future activities in this field.

The seminar should incentivize the exchange of experiences and encourage an open dialog among all participants, in order to propose some new ideas and solutions, which should give an additional boost to the development of accessible tourism.

The seminar will be held in English, one of the official project languages.

About the Tourism4All project:

The overall objective of the Tourism4All project is to develop and promote a wide cross border network of accessible natural and cultural destinations that will encourage all-year-round tourism and promote social inclusion by sharing approaches and methods, as well as by joint-promoting tourism services for disadvantaged people and people with special accessibility needs.

The project activities include the development of a common methodology, capacity building and growth of competencies in the accessible tourism sector, networking, knowledge transfer and development of new services which are aimed at improving the availability of tourist destinations, as well as the preparation and implementation of joint tourism promotion of the included destinations.

You can find more information about the project on the offical website.

We kindly invite you to confirm your participation no later than 12th July, by filling in the application form at the following link: https://forms.gle/11xNyXAyphrBnDuW7.

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