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Camping in Croatia is a unique way to connect with nature

Spending your holiday in one of Croatian campsites means a lot more than just the sun and the sea combined with plenty entertainment and sports options. What makes Croatia special is its marvellous nature. In fact, one-tenth of its territory is protected, mostly as national and nature parks.

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National and nature parks as a special attraction

There are eight national parks in Croatia, Plitvice Lakes and Krka being among the most popular ones. Around a million people visit them every year attracted by the unspoiled, impressive nature. The other national and nature parks see fewer visitors, but they are also well worth a visit. The Kornati archipelago, as well as the national parks of Brijuni, Paklenica and Mljet record between 100,000 to 150,000 visitors per year, while Northern Velebit National Park and Risnjak National Park attract around 12,000 to 16,000 visitors annually.

Coast or Continent? Whatever you choose, prepare for a thrill!

There are eleven nature parks on the coast and in continental Croatia. Mount Biokovo in southern Dalmatia, Telašćica Nature Park on the island of Dugi Otok, Northern Velebit National Park and Vrana Lake Nature Park in northern Dalmatia, as well as Učka in Istria are all located on the coast or very close to it. If you’d like to experience beautiful nature in the south Dalmatia, be sure to visit the island of Lastovo.

In continental Croatia, you can find Kopački Rit wetland Nature Park in Slavonia and Lonjsko Polje Valley Nature Park east of Zagreb. For those of you who want to climb higher, we recommend Medvednica and Žumberak Nature Parks, while the natural paradise of Papuk Mountain Nature Park is located further east, in Slavonia.

The beauty of Vranjsko jezero - photo

Perfect environment to relax and unwind

If you wish to escape everyday stress and relax, you’ll find perfect opportunities for an active holiday in Croatian nature whether you prefer mountains, islands or wide plains. The outdoor offer is wide and ranges from hiking and rock climbing to mountain biking and kayaking.

Great variety of comfortable campsites

For those of you who prefer to stay near the unspoiled nature, there are four campsites in the immediate vicinity of Plitvice Lakes National Park and five close to Krka Nature Park. Nine campsites are located near Vrana Lake Nature Park, from which you can go on wonderful sailing trips to the national park of the Kornati archipelago.

If you’d rather set up your tent at the coast, there are three campsites close to Brijuni National Park in Istria. Climbing further up, you can choose between a campsite in the immediate vicinity of Paklenica National Park and Velebit Nature Park, two campsites close to Biokovo Nature Park and three near Učka Nature Park. Campsites for your unforgettable stay in nature are also located near Zagreb, i.e. Medvednica and Žumberak Nature Parks.

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Discover the beauty of nature and have a unique camping experience

Croatia's beautiful, unspoiled nature offers unforgettable moments and a high standard to all camping enthusiasts, whether at family-run campsites or those offering mobile homes and glamping in addition to pitches. This certainly takes your holiday relaxation to a completely new level, guaranteeing unforgettable moments inspired by beautiful landscapes.

Breathtaking beauty of the Plitvice Lakes - photo


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