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Inland Croatia

We are sure that you know about Croatia`s interior and that you may never have visited this part of the country, but you would love to do it because you heard that you can pamper all your senses there, rest your body and soul, eat and drink well, and spend time with the cordial and hospitable local people. And really, you heard right!

So, start exploring this hidden pearl and get to know a different side of Croatia.

Plitvice Lakes Croatia
Plitvice Lakes Croatia

Because Croatia is not only blue…

If you travel only a few dozen kilometers inland from the coast, you will come across a completely different Croatia. You will probably go through different climatic conditions and vegetation types along this trip, and you will notice big differences in population and architecture of villages and towns. All of this is conditioned first and foremost by the geographical position of the country and then by the history, culture and customs of the population living in this region.

Traveling from west to the east of Croatia you will:

  • pass through the wine-growing inland of Istria;
  • breathe in the fresh mountain air of Gorski Kotar;
  • cross the many rivers of the Karlovac area;
  • get to know the capital of Croatia, Zagreb;
  • participate in numerous cultural and tourist events in the Varaždin and Bjelovar regions
  • and finally reach the vast plains and fields of Slavonia.
Capital of Croatia - photo
Photo: Ivo Biočina, CNTB

And if you decide to move from the Croatian north to the south, you will have the opportunity to:

  • taste some of the best wines of Medjimurje;
  • enjoy the benefits of numerous spa resorts;
  • find out the secrets of mystical castles and forts;
  • visit the magical Plitvice Lakes, listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List
  • conquer the massive peaks of Velebit and Biokovo mountains and
  • explore the karst fields of the Dalmatian interrior.

Camping in Continental Croatia

While visiting continental Croatia you will also find numerous, mostly small family owned campsites, but also city campsites, perfectly blended with nature and the environment in which they are located. The following campsites stand out for their particularities:

There are also numerous small campsites that are part of the best small campsite selection - OK mini camps:

Whether you are just passing by or one of these campsites is the final destination of your trip, you will find inside of them everything a modern camper needs, and much more!


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