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Continental Croatia offers surprising attractions

Hand on heart - whoever thinks of holidays in Croatia, sees in the first place the sun, the beach and the sea in front of him. This is almost inevitable, but also the interior is worth a visit. In addition to beautiful nature and stunning scenery, you shouldn't miss Zagreb and the whole of continental Croatia

Plitvice lakes - photo

The Plitvice Lakes National Park as a nature experience

You want to experience history together with nature in one trip? Then the Plitvice Lakes National Park should be on your bucket list. Because the oldest and most visited place for extraordinary natural spectacles, such as the famous waterfalls and cascades, impresses with its turquoise blue lakes and beautiful surroundings. Whether summer or winter, the UNESCO World Heritage Site is always worth seeing - even in spring, when nature awakens or in autumn, when the splendor of colors of trees, plants and lakes provides another natural spectacle.

Vibrant Zagreb - a modern capital full of history

If you have Zagreb on your “to visit” list, you should either keep an eye on the impressive Advent in December or choose the summer time. This is exactly when the vibrant metropolis with numerous events captivates the most. What should you visit? Definitely the 18th century church of St. Mark, the Cathedral and the picturesque Dolac market. For all history enthusiastic visitors, Gornji grad and Donji grad are considered most representative of Zagreb. In order to make the impressions work, it is advisable to visit the Zoo or Lake Jarun.

Zagreb City - photo

Northwestern Croatia - testimony of tumultuous history

It is not just the big cities that bear witness to the turbulent history of the country… Make a detour to the northwestern part of Croatia and visit castles and palaces such as Trakošćan Castle, which is not far from the Neanderthal Museum in Krapina. The Veliki Tabor Castle and the historic old towns of Varaždin, Koprivnica and Čakovec also give an impression of what the country has experienced in the past.

Trakošćan castle - photo

After so much history, do you need some relaxation? Then visit the Spa & Golf Resort in Sveti Martin in the region of Međimurje or the Daruvar Spa with its lovely park. Spa Tuhelj will treat you with its healing mud treatments! The ones that like a good drop, whether from red or white grape, will find in this part of Croatia also some wine roads. These invite you for a leisurely hike and a stop in the local wine cellars.

Slavonia - a feast for the palate and the senses

The region of Slavonia should not be forgotten either. Here your taste buds will get their money's worth with delicious traditional meat specialties, which will be even better with a glass of Kutjevo wine near Požega. The heart of the region beats in Đakovo, where you should visit the cathedral and the Lipizzan stables. The baroque city of Osijek on the Drava River is also worth seeing, especially its fortifications and the historic city center. Near Osijek you will also find Kopački rit Nature Park.

Kopački Rit nature park - photo

Risnjak National Park and the area of Velika Kapela

In the enchanting nature of Gorski kotar, nature lovers will find a good variety and sufficient destinations for hiking. Looking for an adventure? Then go to the Bijele and Samarske rocks for a climb!

Continental Croatia is characterized by a colorful variety of activities and impressions

Impressive national parks, vibrant modern cities with historic centers or beautiful scenery that calls for some sporting activities - all this makes a holiday in Croatia's hinterland so special and unforgettable!


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