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  • Banjol

    Known for its three beaches in protected bays that carry the names of Padova I, II and III, Banjol is part of an attractive tourist area of the island of Rab.

    Walking on the promenade from Banjol to the historic city center of Rab, one can enjoy the beauty of the coast, learn all about local produces and taste the rich gastronomic offer.

  • Baška

    Baška is one of the best known and most popular tourist destinations on the island of Krk, the island that is geographically located closest to central Europe.

    It is located in the southern part of the island, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. It is also known for its 1800 m long pebble beach, proclaimed to be one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic.

  • Beli

    Beli is a typical seaside town, known as a destination for families and camping lovers. It is one of the oldest settlements on the island of Cres.

    It is situated on a 130 meters high hill, under which a popular pebble beach with small stone houses is located. The historical part of the village is located in the Tramontana forest which hides many mysterious mazes.

  • Cres

    Cres is the largest town on the island with whom it shares its name, with a long tradition in tourism, whose origins date back to 1845.

    Located in a sheltered bay in which a marina has been built. The interesting history of this town has been written in the narrow streets of the old town, on the facades of tall and narrow houses. It is famous for its olives and olive oil production and the cultivation of the famous Cres lamb.

  • Crikvenica

    The city of Crikvenica is situated about 30 km from Rijeka, the third largest city in Croatia, on the Crikvenica Riviera which is accessible by road from different European countries.

    Its geographical location and mild climate are the basis of the development of health tourism in this region, whose origins date back to the 19th century. Crikvenica also offers a variety of attractive sights, including an aquarium with fish from the Adriatic and other seas worldwide.

  • Dobrinj

    The medieval town of Dobrinj is situated in the northeastern part of the island of Krk, about 3 km from the coast. At the foot of Dobrinj, the bay of Soline is located, known for its medicinal mud.

    Together with the sandy beach in Šilo, the one in the bay of Soline is one of the most popular beaches on the island, suitable for families with children. A must is the islands ethnographic collection in the Infeld gallery where numerous works of local and international artists are exposed.

  • Dramalj

    Dramalj is part of the Crikvenica Riviera, and it is connected with the city of Crikvenica by a promenade. The two places share a common past and present in tourism development.

    This area has several beaches with a various offer. Visitors can enjoy the many cultural and entertainment events from which the summer carnival is the most popular.

  • Ičići

    Not far from Opatija, the center of the homonymous Riviera, Ičići is a town known for its marina which offers its guests a few hundred berths.

    The long beach in the center of Ičići offers a wide range of sports activities, from beach volleyball, sailing, parasailing, water skiing to scuba diving. A seaside promenade, known as the lungomare, leads to Opatija.

  • Kampor

    Kampor is a fishing village located on the Kvarner island of Rab, which offers hundreds of kilometers of walking and biking trails.

    In addition to cycling and walking paths, the village of Kampor has several beaches, among which the sandy beach of Mel is considered to be the most beautiful one, located in the homonymous bay. Among the most popular excursions departing from Kampor is the one to the former prison of Goli Otok, the Croatian Alcatraz.

  • Klenovica

    Klenovica is located 9 km south of the town of Novi Vinodolski and 54 km from the city of Rijeka. Once known as a small fishing village, this town is now an attractive tourist destination.

    Visitors are offered a variety of sports activities on land and on the sea, which is especially attractive to tourists. The Vinodol Riviera can be explored along the many hiking and biking trails.

  • Klimno

    Situated on the eastern coast of the island Krk, Klimno is only a short 10 minutes drive from the bridge connecting the island with the mainland.

    Part of the bay where it is located is known as Meline beach, famous for its curative black mud which is recommended for people suffering from rheumatic diseases. The nearby Biserujka cave is the speleological jewel of the island.

  • Kraljevica

    Kraljevica is a coastal city located at the entrance to the bay of Bakar, 20 km from Rijeka and 94 km from the Italian city of Trieste.

    Easily accessible from several European cities, part of the Kraljevica coast is reserved for the lovers of camping, and just a few kilometers from the town of Kraljevica guests can find a relaxing environment. During summer, the town has many interesting events on offer.

  • Krk

    The city of Krk, the main center of the homonymous island, is a tourist destination that is certainly worth visiting. The island is connected with the mainland by a bridge and by air routes from Rijeka Airport.

    It is from this city that guests can set off on one of the many bike trails leading through olive groves from whose trees top quality olive oil is produced. A must is the historical city center, as well as trips to nearby islands.

  • Lokve

    Lokve is located in the heart of Gorski Kotar, near the exit from the A6 motorway Rijeka-Zagreb. The nearby Lokvarsko lake is a favorite destination for athletes and recreators, especially rowers, fishermen, walkers and cyclists.

    The Lokvarska cave, the deepest tourist-accessible speleological facility in Croatia, is also close as is the Golubinjak Forest Park. It is also unavoidable to celebrate the „Frog Night“, a manifestation inspired by the frogs that inhabit this area, which is organized annually in the spring months.

  • Lopar

    Lopar is a tourist destination on the island of Rab, situated in the Kvarner Bay, famous for its indented coastline and numerous sandy beaches.

    It is located 12 km from the historic town of Rab, and it offers camping lovers the experience of Robinson tourism. The beauty of the nature can be enjoyed on the local bike trails, while there are numerous water sports available. The gastronomy puts an emphasis on healthy eating.

  • Lovran

    The rich history of the centuries-old tradition in tourism is just one of the features of Lovran, a town located 19 km south of Rijeka.

    Its microclimate is one of the most important factors of its development as a popular health resort. It is extremely suitable for the growth of many plants, including laurel (lat. Laurus nobilis) after which Lovran is named. It is the starting point for exploring the rest of the surrounding area.

  • Mali Lošinj

    Countless varieties of wild herbs are just part of the charm of Mali Lošinj, the largest town on the island of Lošinj.

    During the last few centuries it has established itself as an important maritime and commercial center, and in more recent times, Mali Lošinj is regularly winning the title of tourism champion. The specific microclimate and hundreds of kilometers of hiking trails also contribute to that.

  • Malinska

    By offering a variety of activities, entertainment and relaxation, the picturesque town of Malinska attracts a large number of tourists.

    Malinska is especially suitable for those traveling with their family, as well as for visitors who like active holidays. The area has dozens of kilometers of hiking and biking trails, while boat trips will take you to the neighboring island of Cres.

  • Martinšćica

    Situated on the western part of the island of Cres, Martinšćica is the second largest town on the island. It is known as a favorite destination for camping lovers.

    Campsite Slatina, which is especially suited campers with pets, is located about 1 km from the town. The campsite and its beach are equipped with everything guests need for their four-legged friends.

  • Medveja

    The village of Medveja is located only 2 km from Lovran and 8 km from Opatija, the center of the homonymous Riviera, it is named after the most famous tragedy of the Greek poet Euripides, Medea.

    It was Medea herself the first person who bathe in the sea in front of the local beach. Today, a popular camping destination, Medveja represents an ideal starting point for trips to the nearby Učka Nature Park.

  • Mošćenička Draga

    Situated about 15 km from Opatija, the town of Mošćenička Draga is the last stop of the Opatija Riviera, in the direction of Istria.

    As at the end of the 19th century, at a time when this area began its development as a tourist destination, the local port attracts today many tourists looking for peace and quiet. Do not miss a walk along the promenade or a visit to the historic town center located on a hill over the sea.

  • Nerezine

    Nerezine is the first village encountered on the island of Lošinj, when driving from the direction of the island of Cres. It is situated on the coast, at the foot of the hill Osoršćica (588 m).

    The peak of Osoršćica can be visited on marked hiking trails starting from several directions. Nerezine, apart from tourism, has a proud and centuries-old tradition of building wooden ships, unique to this part of the Adriatic. The beaches are pebbly and ideal for families with children.

  • Novi Vinodolski

    Novi Vinodolski is situated 45 km from Rijeka. As a city located in the central part of Europe, it is known for the Vinodol law codex, a historical Croatian document.

    It is the center of the Crikvenica - Novi Vinodolski Riviera, which extends along 25 km of coast. Thanks to the range of services offered, Novi Vinodolski has a long tradition in tourism. Several viewpoints provide a view of the entire area.

  • Njivice

    Located on the northwestern coast of the island of Krk, Njivice is a popular tourist destination located about 10 km from the bridge that connects the island to the mainland.

    The sandy and pebble beaches, bays ideal for enjoying the peace and quiet and numerous walking paths are just part of the attractions of this area. There is a naturist beach too and while the town of Omišalj is located 6 km from Njivice.

  • Omišalj

    Located on the northern side of the Kvarner island of Krk, Omišalj is the first town to be reached after crossing the bridge connecting the island to the mainland.

    It is one of the oldest towns on the island, with a long tourism tradition. Its historic center, infused with numerous cultural and historical monuments, is located at 85 meters above sea level. Rijeka Airport is located in its vicinity.

  • Opatija

    As the center of the Riviera with the longest tradition in Croatian tourism, Opatija is one of the closest tourist destinations to Central Europe. It is located about 70 km from the city of Trieste.

    It is known for its spa and health tourism offer, but also for the city parks. In its most famous park, which is located by the first hotel in Opatija, Villa Angiolina, the Museum of Croatian tourism is located. It is connected with numerous tourist towns by a seaside promenade, the lungomare.

  • Osor

    The historical town of Osor is located on the isthmus which once connected the islands of Cres and Lošinj. Today they are connected by a bridge. Administratively, Osor is part of Mali Lošinj.

    Formerly an important international port, for ships transiting between the northern Adriatic and the southern Dalmatian coast, Osor is today an open air museum. Numerous works of art, along with the remains of the city walls, make a unique setting for many cultural events.

  • Punat

    The town of Punat is located in the southwestern part of the island of Krk. It is known for the island of Košljun situated in the Gulf of Puntarska draga.

    Located in a bay sheltered from wind, Punat has a modern marina established in 1964. In addition to the marina, the oldest in Croatia, the charm of this town is in its narrow streets and the old town as well as in its local wineries.

  • Punta Križa

    Punta Križa is situated near the southern end of the island of Cres. It administratively belongs to the city of Mali Lošinj.

    Its faithful visitors consider it as a paradise on Earth, while the whole area is rich in flora and fauna. As a tourist destination, it is a favorite place for the peace and quiet it provides. Lovers of naturism will easily find a place in the local campsite.

  • Rab

    Located on the homonymous island, the city of Rab is the largest on the island. The ancient walls that surround it are a real architectural gem.

    The city of Rab, with its characteristic shape with four steeples, symbols of the city, reminiscent of a sailing ship with four masts, make it very distinctive. Particularly interesting are the local public gardens Boškopin and Komrčar where visitors can find various activities for children.

  • Rijeka

    The center of the Primorsko-goranska County and the third largest city by population in Croatia, Rijeka is well connected with the rest of Croatia, as well as with other neighbouring countries.

    Walking along Rijeka`s main promenade, Korzo, one can learn about the local history and arhitecture, while the medieval fortress Trsat offers a beautifull view of the entire city and the Kvarner islands.

  • Risnjak - National Park

    Risnjak is a forested mountain massive not far from the city of Rijeka, named after lynx (ris in Croatian), its best known inhabitant.

    The National Park of the same name stretches from 300 to 1,500 m above the sea level. Due to its position at the junction between the Alps and the Dinarides, and from the Mediterranean to Pannonia, almost all types of forests, as well as many plant and animal species are gathered here, in a relatively small area.

  • Selce

    The town of Selce is part of the Crikvenica Riviera, located 40 km from the city of Rijeka, it is known for its centuries-old tradition of health tourism.

    Its health resort hosted some of the most famous Croatian and world athletes. During the summer season various events are organized in times of which visitors can learn about local traditions. There is also a diving center with a diving school.

  • Šilo

    Šilo is a tourist town located in the northeast of the island of Krk, opposite the Crikvenica Riviera, 26 km from the bridge that connects the island to the mainland.

    In addition to the local beaches, a variety of recreational activities are on offer too. The sandy beach of Pećine is suitable for families with children. In the sea divers can find the wreck of Peltastis, a Greek ship that sunk there last century.

  • Učka - Nature Park

    Učka, a mountain in the eastern part of Istria; it stretches in the total length of 20 km from the Poklon pass (road Rijeka-Pazin leads over it) to the Plomin Bay.

    The slopes feature several canyon and transverse valleys (Vela draga) and there are many other karst formations (sinkholes, caves). Učka represents an important climatic barrier which forces air masses to rise; this in turn causes considerable rainfall. With its luxuriant vegetation Učka differs very much from other mountains in the region of Primorje.

  • Valun

    Valun is a picturesque fishing village located between two pebbly beaches, south of the town of Cres, on the Kvarner island of Cres.

    The village is known as a place where the Valun tablet was found, one of the most important monuments of Glagolitic script, dating from the 11th century. This Kvarner village is also known for its superb seafood specialties.

  • Veli Lošinj

    The town of Veli Lošinj is located on the southern part of the island of Lošinj, at the foot of the hill where one of the highest peaks of the island, Sv. Ivan (cca 250 m) is located, together with several attractive hiking trails.

    The combination of microclimate, sun and pure air filled with healing sea aerosol contributed to this location being declared a climate health resort in the 19th century. Veli Lošinj is also the headquarters of the "Blue World", an institute for the research and protection of marine organisms.

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