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Choose small campsites to enjoy peace and privacy

For your camping holiday in Croatia you not only have the choice of different regions and accommodation options, you will also find a wide selection of different campsite sizes. It is obvious that smaller ones offer many advantages.

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Perfect starting point for escaping the everyday life

Smaller campsites are perfectly organized, optimally cared for and thus offer you an optimal way to retreat from the stressful everyday life. Due to their small size everything is close together, the paths between the pitches for your caravan or tent are not far away from the sanitary facilities and only a short distance to all other on offer.

High standard guaranteed

Small, but wow! One could say, when it comes to the standards on small campsites. As most of them have a high level of comfort, which includes the sanitary facilities, but also the general access to the place itself. Many of the small campsites have dedicated themselves to the special task of implementing high environmental standards on their premises.

Wonderful location suited to your taste

Would you like to come out of the caravan or tent in the morning and enjoy a beautiful sunrise with a view of the sea? Or do you prefer the proximity of fantastic wine and olive groves, in which you can not only go on a discovery tour, but also experience the culinary offer? Small campsites in Croatia are usually very well located in the immediate proximity to the coast or the beach - just as you wish.

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Family friendly and well looked after

Camping is a special experience for families. The closeness to nature, the carefree being on vacation and easy-going time with your loved ones is what is remembered for a lifetime. And as a family with children, no matter what age, you are well cared for in small campsites. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing break with a nap in the hammock or in one of the deck chairs.

Harmony with nature

For most people, camping is the epitome of a holiday close to nature. Enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean landscape with all its characteristics, shady trees and tempting fragrant herbs and flowers. Small campsites are ideal to regain access to nature and restore harmony. Enjoy relaxed days in a cultivated typical regional landscape and draw strength from it.

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What about naturism?

Campers are sometimes enthusiastic naturists and enjoy their days on holiday without clothes. If you belong to this group, you are well advised to stay in small campsites in Croatia, since many of them are in close proximity to naturist beaches, where you can just enjoy the sun as well as the gentle waves that wash around your body. Enjoy the unity between nature and civilization in a very special way!

Small campsites as an organizational wonder

Whatever type of campsite you choose, small campsites in Croatia offer you a high level of privacy and the guarantee to spend stress free time with your loved ones near the nature and yet close to modern day life. Small campsites offer everything for an unforgettable holiday, but above all peace, relaxation and privacy!


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