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Croatian campsites categorisation

Croatian campsites are categorised with 1 to 5 stars. Standards are very similar to the european ones.

Campsites categorisation criteria

Camping Park Mareda

When categorising a camp, a whole range of criteria is taken into account. Some of these are:

  • The entrance of the camp – one or two entrances, entrance illuminated during the night, entrance guarded & gated, etc.
  • Campsite reception – is the area heated or air-conditioned, does the staff speak foreign languages, availability of public phone, use of internet, first aid kit, does it provide information and brochures about what's on in the surrounding area, general appearance of the reception, etc.
  • Campground internal road infrastructure – are all pitches accessible by road, are the roads/paths lit during the night
  • Marked pitches – are they clean of shrubs, are they clearly marked, the size of the pitch, does the pitch have an own parking spot, is there electricity, water and sanitary connection, etc.
  • Camp sanitary facilities – the number of facilities in relation to camp size, availability of hot water, shower, are the walls and floor tiled, is there electricity connection for shavers, mirrors, towels holder, shelfs that guests can use. Furthermore, is the sanitary facility ventilation sufficient, is there adequate lighting, the general condition and cleanliness of sanitary facilities, etc.
  • Laundry facilities – the existence and condition of laundry facilities
  • Children playground areas – the number and the size, the number of equipment installed in children play area
  • Campsite barbecue area – is there a barbecue area and does it meet health and safety standards (fire prevention)
  • Camp waste – collection, containers, ecological recycling, etc.
  • The general camp characteristics &ndash ecological position (forest, meadow, etc), landscaping, the cleanliness of camp beach if there is one, maintenance of camp equipment (mobile homes and motor homes for hire) etc.

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