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Biokovo-Imotski Lakes became the third UNESCO Geopark in Croatia

Croatia is richer for another UNESCO Geopark! Geopark Biokovo-Imotski Lakes was accepted as a UNESCO Global Geopark by the UNESCO Council for Global Geoparks, in Marrakech (Morocco), at the 8th session of the Council for Global Geoparks of UNESCO, in September 2023.

Geopark Biokovo-Imotski Lakes

Members of UNESCO's Global Geoparks Council meet once a year to evaluate new and renewed UNESCO nominations, all with the aim of determining whether new applications meet the necessary standards and can be forwarded to the Executive Board for formal approval.

Biokovo-Imotski Lakes found a place among 16 accepted applications for future UNESCO global geoparks. Until now, Croatia had two geoparks on the list of UNESCO geoparks, Papuk and the Vis archipelago. Official listing is expected in April 2024.

Near the Biokovo-Imotski Lakes geopark, you can find and stay in the following campsites:


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