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The weather and the ideal travel time for your holiday in Croatia

Camping holidays in Croatia - that means bright blue sky, lots of sun and warm nights with little rainfall. At least that's the ideal for many. In order for you to fulfill this requirement during your stay, you should know some facts about the weather and the climatic conditions in your holiday destination.

Island Losinj Panorama - photo

Three different climate regions

In Croatia there are predominantly three climate zones, with the Mediterranean climate on the coast characterized by dry summer months and cold, rainy winter periods. The weather in the mountainous area, however, has very mild summers, but the winters are severe and snowy. The continental climate in the interior of Croatia, in turn, is characterized by cold winters and warm, sometimes even hot summer periods.

Basically moderate climate all around Croatia

If you decide to go on holiday in Croatia, you should bear in mind that there is hardly any strict separation of the seasons. Basically, the weather is very moderate and shows only individual, very rare extreme characteristics - both in terms of temperatures rising up or going down.

Maximum values in terms of temperatures and rainfall

The coldest month is January, even though temperatures in the coastal regions rarely fall below zero degrees Celsius. By contrast, the hottest months are directly in the summer with an average temperature of about 25 degrees Celsius in the coastal region. Of course, there are also days when the thermometer rises above 30 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, for your summer vacation in this period, you do not have to worry about rainfall. Rain or generally rainfall periods are usually between October and December. Snow is very rare in the coastal region.

Biograd na moru - photo

The number of sunshine hours is impressive

Are you looking for sun for your camping holiday in Croatia? Then you are basically at the right spot if you are on the coast, but the most convincing region in this regard is southern Dalmatia. There you can experience and enjoy an average of 2.700 hours of sunshine per year. Spend lazy days sunbathing on the coast or visit the Paklenica National Park or the northern Velebit Mountains if you want milder temperatures and fine weather. The sun will certainly be a constant companion for you!

The perfect season for your holiday

The weather is pleasantly warm and low in precipitations from spring to early autumn. If you want to spend a relaxing beach holiday, the summer months are perfect. If you want to escape the large crowds of tourists, you are better off with a stay in June or September. And if you want to experience nature up close and watch it wake up in the spring, then the months of April, May and June are perfect.

Campsite Buncluka beach - photo

Pleasant climatic conditions make Croatia very popular

For a holiday region to make a name for itself as a desired destination, many small reasons are needed. However, the climatic conditions and the prospect of enjoying glorious hours of sunshine and escaping the drab gray of everyday life weigh heavily for many. That alone makes Croatia worth the trip. So, experience a dream vacation at just the right time.


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