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Dalmatia - Beaches, Coves, Islands and Sea

Welcome to Dalmatia, the thousand islands coastline!

The longest area of the magnificent and very picturesque and well-indented Croatian coastline, with the biggest number of islands belongs to Dalmatia - “the thousand islands coastline”. There are two Croatian national parks among them, Kornati, an archipelago of approximately 140 islands of magic beauty and Mljet Island, a real green jewel.

Nature park Telašćica - photo
Photo: Ivo Biočina, CNTB

The Dalmatian type of coastline is a geographic symbol itself - a symbol of beauty, and it represents what the long and marvellous Dalmatian coastline offers widely: its indentedness, islands and islets, cliffs and peninsulas, bays, sea channels and mountain massifs that accompany for kilometres those vast spaces of karst landscapes, once named by a poet as “rocky monsters face - turned to the South, to the horizon, to the unknown…”. Other peculiarities are the blue of the sea, even more enhanced by the play of colours and tonalities.

Breathe in the fragrance of the Dalmatian cities’ millennial history

Cities as Zadar, Šibenik, Split, Trogir and Dubrovnik, with their rich cultural heritage and beautiful architecture of all styles represents a subject of admiration, pleasure and inspiration. The bounty of Mediterranean and subtropical vegetation fulfils, but it does not complete, this never enough used and enough valorised gift of God and fruit of valorous people's hands. But how possibly a song about the magic of palm-trees, lemons, oleanders or bougainvilleas can be singed to the end, already themes of various poets?

Aerial view of Dubrovnik - photo
Photo: Ivo Biočina, CNTB

The play of contrast is present everywhere: from the cliffs to the docile beaches, from small streams and lakes to the wild gorges and glens, narrow little streets and small squares to attractive promenades, large squares and real city avenues. In every corner of land, island and sea, especially during the summer months, the vivid pulsing of tourist presence is felt everywhere.

Feel the Dalmatian campsites atmosphere...

The rich and various tourist offer of Dalmatia is reflected in the campsite offer: there are big campsites with many additional facilities, but there are also specific ones, smaller, some with only 10 accommodation units.

Rafting on the Cetina river - photo
Photo: Ivo Biočina, CNTB

The fact you can camp in an intimate surrounding of someone's garden, courtyard or a fancy piece of land from where you can take different daily excursions to the surrounding national parks or cities, makes Dalmatia the favourite destination for those seeking the relaxing experience far from the summer rush. All of this is accompanied by the various gastronomic offers, from inns and wine cellars to the exclusive and specialized restaurants. The offer of sports, fun, excursions and other facilities is equally various.

Many visitors will remember often and with pleasure their experiences and the atmosphere spent here, especially during the winter period, for it is simply impossible to forget the stunning locations and the sea, the colour tonalities, sounds, fragrances and taste that will certainly be motif of another visit.

Best campsites in Dalmatia

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