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Easy and safe travelling to Croatia thanks to numerous transport links

If you decide to go on holiday in Croatia, you benefit from a well-developed network of highways and state roads. Good traffic routes and numerous bridges ensure a smooth journey in all directions, while in the meantime the hinterland has developed, too.

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Enjoy the highways to your desired destination

If you travel to Croatia with your caravan or camper, in most cases you will use the A1, the so-called Dalmatina. This almost 500 kilometers long highway leads from Zagreb through Split till Vrgorac. Basically, you use it as a connection of the continental part of the country with Mediterranean Dalmatia. On the A6, depending on the direction, you get to Rijeka or to Zagreb, from where the two-lane roads are also well developed. If you are driving across the Slovenian border to Croatia, you can use the A9 motorway to drive to Umag and further south to Rovinj or Pula. However, if you use the border crossing Rupa, the A7 motorway will take you directly to Rijeka. In the northwest, the A4 leads from Goričan, the border crossing with Hungary, to Zagreb.

Highway tolling system

If you decide to drive on one of the well-developed highways, you should plan for the statutory toll. The toll depends on the length of the route traveled and the category of vehicle you are traveling with. These are classified in categories from 1 to 4, whereby from the category 2 trailers are also recorded according to the number of axles of the towing vehicle. The toll has to be paid when leaving the highway. You can also buy an ECN device in advance, for a quicker handling at the toll stations. This is an electronic payment system that allows you to use special lanes directly at the tollbooths.

Picturesque country roads offer a worthwhile alternative

Driving on the state roads is not quite as comfortable, but they offer a wonderful view, and are also referred to as national roads. You will recognize these roads by a letter „D“ in the road name together with one or more digits. Here, single-digit numbers are used to designate state roads that run all over the country, while double-digit numbers define all those that run on the mainland.

One of the most beautiful and busy is the D8, also known as the Jadranska magistrala, the Adriatic 'highway'. It follows the coastline and extends from the northern to the southern Adriatic Sea. Another experience is a trip along the D1 (Zagreb – Split), which runs parallel to the A1 highway, but offers many highlights for campers like the Plitvice Lakes National Park.

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Main border crossings to Croatia

Depending on the itinerary, there are several major border crossings to Croatia available. The best known are Goričan, Macelj, Bregana, Rupa, Plovanija, Kaštel and Pasjak. During the peak of the tourist season, it may be worth taking a detour to smaller border crossings such as Mursko Središće, Banfi, Trnovec, Otok Virje, Hum na Sutli in the northwest, Kraj Donji Harmica and Kašt near Zagreb, Brod na Kupi and Čabar near Rijeka and Požane and Lucija in Istria.

Arriving by plane is easy

For those who want to travel more easily or have booked a glamping accommodation or a mobile home , they can also use one of the numerous airports in Croatia. Especially popular are the airports Zagreb, Split (about 25 km west of the homonymous city), Dubrovnik and Zadar. Rijeka and Pula also offer a popular destination for international air traffic and a convenient, rapid arrival from almost all European capitals.

Before arrival ...

Find out about suggested camper-travel routes and make sure to check the traffic situation on the website of the Croatian Automobile Club (HAK) so that you can have a pleasant trip. Have a safe journey!


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