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Croatia's cuisine as an example of a varied and healthy diet

In your opinion, what are the ingredients for a great holiday? Sun, sea and relaxing days, of course, but also gourmet culinary pleasures . And in many ways that is exactly what Croatia has to offer. The differences in the food are mainly due to regional conditions, so that every gourmet can find his own favorite food.

Peka fish and potatoes - photo

Istria as a mecca for specialties

Holidays in Istria are not fulfilled if you have not tasted truffles at least once. This region of Croatia is considered a mecca for this specialty, which makes many dishes unique. The scallops that land in Novigrad restaurants are some of the best in the world. You prefer meat? Then try regional delicacies cooked with Boškarin beef, or a noodle dish which Croatians call “Fuži”, or on the other hand, vegetable specialties made with asparagus.

Kvarner is a paradise for scampi lovers

The gastronomy in Kvarner is very similar to the one in Istria. Especially those who love scampi and squids, get their money's worth here. The typical pasta dish here is called “Šurlice” and is always worth a try. For meat lovers, we recommend a plate of lamb goulash, whose meat is very tasty and typical for the Kvarner region. You love sweets? Then try the unique and very typical cake of the island of Rab.

In Dalmatia, there is variety on the plate

The region of Dalmatia offers different delicacies for the palate. In addition to the very delicate and healthy cheese from the island of Pag, Šokol in Nin is a real temptation. This traditional pork dish has a long tradition, with the preparation recipe being passed down from generation to generation within the family. If you prefer seafood and fresh fish, try “Brodet”. This is a fish stew with different types of fish and seafood, which according to the original recipe is a real pleasure for your taste buds. Grilled sardines are also on the menu in Dalmatia! Different dishes made from fresh and dried figs, or the typical fritters (“fritule”), which are very similar to donuts, are also a delicious sweet temptation as well as the crunchy “Kroštule”.

Dried ham and cheese - photo

Zagreb and northwestern Croatia offer a taste their neighboring countries’ cuisines

Those who enjoy a holiday in the region of Croatia's capital or in the northwestern part of the country will discover a cuisine that has a strong Austro-Hungarian touch. Typical dishes are also turkey with "Mlinci", which is wafer thin flatbread, or a typical pasta with cabbage, which can be found on the menu as “Krpice sa zeljem”. As a side dish, you will often find buckwheat, prepared in many different ways, which will accompany your meals.

Slavonian cuisine relies on meat and sausage specialties

In Slavonia, different pork dishes are typical, and on the menu of various restaurants, you can find dishes such as “kulen” or “čvarci” as well as blood sausages. A real treat are different stews such as Čobanac with various types of meat, venison in the first place, or typical “Fiš Paprikaš”, which is a stew consisting mainly of different types of fish, seasoned with paprika.

Dinner at sunset - photo

Croatia's cuisine is healthy and varied

The culinary tour through Croatia's cuisine is a real treat - and adjusted to different demands. Whether for fish, meat or cheese lovers, the healthy preparation and the typical taste with regional herbs makes every meal a culinary experience that will make your holiday perfect.


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