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The History of Croatian Camping Union

The Croatian Camping Union (CCU) beginnings are linked with the „Naturist Campsites of Croatia Section“ fundation. The Section was funded on the 1st of September 1978 at the Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb and it has act within the Board for tourism development of the Socialist Republic of Croatia. Its establishers are prof. Nada Ebenspanger, dr. Zdenko Tomčić (first president of the section), Branko Jakopović (former Esplanade hotel manager) and Jerko Sladoljev (former sales manager of “Riviera”, Poreč).

From 1982 the section becomes “Yugoslavian Camping Union” within the PKJ and its activity still goes on. Since the 1992 the organisation operates as “Croatian Camping Union”.

In 2018 there was 40th anniversary of CCU’s continuous work and existance.


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