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What is the cost of camping in Croatia - KUH

Relaxed sunny days by the sea, beautiful days of sightseeing in historic cities and peaceful times together with the family are priceless. And yet holidays have their price. Just how much you have to pay for an unforgettable camping holiday in Croatia, depends on a variety of factors.

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The position is an essential criterion

How cheap or expensive camping in Croatia does not depend on the region you choose. Whether you choose a beautiful campsite in Istria, Kvarner, Dalmatia or Inland is up to you and your preference. More important for the price when camping is concerned, is the location of the place itself. It is about the distance to the sea, because the further it is, the cheaper the camping.

The offer plays a big role

The price of your camping holiday also depends on the individual offer of the campsite. If you opt for a spacious resort that offers many amenities and entertainment options, this is naturally more expensive than choosing a small campsite. But the resort offers many areas such as swimming pool complexes, state-of-the-art sanitary facilities or even many additional facilities on the beach itself. If all of this is not important to you, you can also very easily find a cheap campsite.

Just the pitch or at least a tent or caravan?

It is obvious that a small campsite, where you only book a pitch for your tent or caravan, is cheaper than booking the entire accommodation facility for camping. Modern glamping tents or mobile homes offer all the comforts for a relaxing stay, which of course affects the price you pay for camping in Croatia.

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How many stars would you like to have?

The category marked by stars, which most types of accommodation use, has long been known and proven not only for hotels. This kind of categorization is also used with campsites and it gives you the information about the quality of the campsite, its amenities and other facilities. Usually, the more stars a campsite has, the deeper you`ll have to reach in your pocket for your stay.

If you are vacationing earlier in the season, you pay less

Everybody wants to spend a relaxing holiday by the sea in the hot summer months. So it's clear that this option is a bit more expensive than camping in Croatia in the early or late season. That is why you should take into consideration also spending your camping holidays in Croatia outside the high season. After all, the cheaper prices outside the main season are an argument that speaks for itself.

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Well priced in comparison with the neighbors

In terms of price, you are at the same level with other Mediterranean countries when camping in Croatia, or cheaper, as the daily camping cost is between 20,00 and 60,00 euros, an average of 40,00 euros (Source: PiNCAMP by ADAC). The cost of camping is slightly higher in Italy, although the travel costs are similar to those in Croatia.

Camping in Croatia has its price

The pricing for camping in Croatia depends on different factors. Weigh it off carefully and choose a campsite that ensures a stay according to your wishes!


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