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Where is Croatia?

Map of Europe

Position of Croatia within Europe

Croatia is a Mediteranean country and borders Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia & Hercegovina and Montenegro. The Adriatic Sea divides Croatia from Italy. Because of its convenient geographical position, Croatia has been popular driving destination for large number of European tourists.

Croatia, from its Central European regions (the Pannonian plains, sub-alpine and the highlands) to its Adriatic coast, is accessible by land, sea and air routes. Most visitors to Croatia travel by car, and arrive via land borders or ferry. Croatia is an European country both historically and culturally, and visitors are able to enjoy an atmosphere that you would expect to find in Western Europe in the way of telecommunications, transportation, and security.

In 2023, Croatia joined the euro area and entered the Schengen zone, which means that Euro became the only official currency in the Republic of Croatia and that all border controls with other EU members have been lifted.

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