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Sea quality of Croatian beaches

Croatian beach on Lopar

In large part of the Croatian coastline and in some continental beaches, the sea quality (water) is measured on regular basis and the public is informed about the results. In Croatia the sea is high-quality and suitable for bathing.

On some counties areas the sea quality is monitored continuously since 20 years approximatelly, and since 1996 it is monitored according to the Regulation on Standards of the Sea Quality on Sea Beaches (Official Bulletin of the Republic of Croatia no. 33/96).

The final sea quality grade during the swimming season, along with the above mentioned Regulations, some counties apply even additional criteria as the World health Organization criteria and other.

The sea quality testing on beaches are mostly performed about 10 times throughout the summer season, more precisely from May to September. The testing involves determining of sea water physical, chemical and bacterial characteristics (the most important are the bacterial parameters, as the most significant sea pollution indicator of fecal waste waters).

Alongside with the safety reasons, such testing results are applied on litoral local self-government units in prioritative recovery programmes defining, especially within sewage systems, with the aim to preserve the bathers safety.


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