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Lika - Senj county

There is rarely any place in Croaita where you can find as much biological and geographical diversity as in the Lika-Senj region. This magical combination of the Mediterranean and mountain ecosystems was created by the influence of numerous natural forces that conditioned its appearance, accessibility and population. Thus, the vast mountain plateau of Lika, the magnificent karst peaks of one of the most beautiful Croatian mountains, Velebit, and the crystal clear sea at its foot, dynamically permeate over an area of just 150 kilometers.

Beritnica, Pag - photo
Photo: Aleksandar Gospić, CNTB

Sea or mountains? Or maybe both?

If you want to find out what the Lika-Senj region really looks like, you`ll have the best opportunity to do that if you climb one of the most attractive Croatian vantage points, the one on Zavižan, located within the Sjeverni Velebit National Park, which offers a beautiful view of the sea and the islands stretching along the coastline on the foothills of Velebit. And there you will also see in the distance the island of Pag, the only island which partly belongs to this region.

The entire coastal area of the Lika-Senj region is so indented that some of the most beautiful beaches and bays in Croatia can be found here. Some of them are:

  • Zrće beach, island of Pag;
  • Straško beach, island of Pag;
  • Šimuni beach, island of Pag;
  • Tatinja beach, Karlobag;
  • Zavratnica bay, Jablanac.

On the other hand, on the eastern slopes of Velebit, you will find rampant coniferous forests and proud karst cliffs, gently sloping down to the fields of Lika. Many wild animals such as bears or wolves can also be found there, and if you go on a hike, stick to the marked hiking trails that are plentiful in the area.

Active camping holidays

You can find numerous, mostly smaller family owned campsites, from Senj and Karlobag, across the island of Pag, all the way till Gospić in the continental part of the Lika-Senj region. Thanks to their location, they are ideal starting points for enjoying numerous outdoor activities for a perfect vacation: walking, mountain climbing, hiking, trekking, cycling, swimming, sailing, diving, snorkeling, rafting etc.

Whether your holiday destination is one of the campsites on the coast or on the continent of this region, we are sure that you are the kind of camper who, in addition to vacations, is looking for active outdoor holidays, new experiences and unforgettable memories.

Island of Pag – the home of superb camping and great fun

Some of the best campsites in Croatia can be found on the island of Pag, which, thanks to its configuration and natural features, has given them crystal clear sea, flat and shady pitches, an accessible coastline and long pebbly beaches. Particularly noteworthy are the campsites Straško and Šimuni which are located on the western coast of the island. They stretch along long pebble beaches and are protected from the strong winds.

Mrežnica - photo
Photo: Aleksandar Gospić, CNTB

Get to know the local customs, culture and tradition

As one of the regions where the old customs, traditions and culture have been largely preserved, the Lika-Senj region will delight you with numerous souvenirs, attractive locations, sights and delicious specialties. Some of those that stand out are, in the continental part of the region:

  • Lika lamb and “škripavac” cheese
  • Grabovača cave park;
  • Smiljan, the birthplace of Nikola Tesla;
  • National parks Plitvička jezera and Sjeverni Velebit;
  • Kuterevo, bear refuge;

in the coastal part of the region:

  • Pag lace; a traditional type of lace-work, specific for the island of Pag
  • salt from the Pag salt works;
  • Pag sheep cheese;
  • olive gardens in Lun; some of the trees are more than 1500 years old
  • Nehaj fortress in Senj;

Whether you decide to spend your vacation on the coast or in the continental part of the region, you will surely be rewarded with an unforgettable experience!


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