EU project - Campmaster


The Croatian Camping Accociation is one of the partners in the project „CAMPMASTER“, whose main objective is to develop a European Curriculum in the Field of Sustainable Camping Resort Management.

Sustainable Campground Management

Project partners:

  • lead partner: University of Rijeka, Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management (Croatia)
  • Croatian Camping Association (Croatia)
  • Associació de Càmpings de Girona (Spain)
  • The Leading Camping & Caravaning Parks of Europe e.V. (Germany)
  • Breda University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands)
  • Universitat de Girona (Spain)

Project duration: 1.10.2020. – 30.09.2022. (24 months)

Total project budget: 165.892,00 EUR

Project summary:

The project funded through ERASMUS +, Strategic Partnerships for higher education- K203, aims to develop the first European curriculum in the field of sustainable management of camping resorts. Namely, in the total tourism offer, the market share of the camping industry in Europe is significant. Despite the rapid growth of the camping industry and future transformations of campsites into green resorts, what is lacking is formal education, more specifically, a specialized study program that would educate future potential leaders and managers to manage campsites across Europe. Due to the shortcomings of existing education programs that do not meet the real needs of the tourism market, the project would propose a series of actions to close the gap between current and future skills needed in the field of sustainable camping management. The project will consist of defining the curriculum and organizational structure, while stakeholders from the camping industry, teaching staff and students will participate in its definition.

The project will result in four intellectual outputs:

  1. Defining learning outcomes and modules of the future study programme
  2. Curriculum Handbook - the syllabus and a detailed learning plan including learning outcomes, timelines, teaching methods, assessment methods, learning materials and literature
  3. Learning platform for camping industry - populated by learning materials as OERs (open educational resources)
  4. Teaching case studies from the camping industry

The target groups of the project are students and university teaching staff who will participate in the preparation, but also in the future implementation of the joint master's program. Students will gain recognition and experience, while teaching staff will benefit from better teaching competencies through their collaboration on designing, developing, and testing innovative teaching methods from several countries. Professionals in the camping industry will also benefit from the opportunity to influence the learning outcomes of a joint study program, and thus the skills of their future workforce. Finally, by disseminating project results, especially through the learning platform, entrepreneurs and managers in the wider camping industry will benefit from published research, resources, and knowledge on sustainability in campsite management.

Partners on the Campmaster project - logos


The Erasmus+ Campmaster kick-off meeting was held online

Campmaster kick-off meeting - foto

The project partners held the kick-off meeting on October 30, 2020.


First results of the CAMPMASTER project: a major analysis on the needs of the European camping sector has been finished

Sector needs analysis - foto

During March, the research within the first intellectual output of the project was completed.


The prerequisites for the launch of the European graduate study Campmaster are ready

Multiplier event - photo

The ERASMUS+ CAMPMASTER project was presented at the Multiplier Event held during the 15th Croatian Camping Congress.


CCA at the 2nd project meeting of the ERASMUS+ CAMPMASTER project

Campmaster partner meeting in Opatija - photo

Project partners gathered in Opatija, in order to define the final activities of the Campmaster project, i.e. the European curriculum in the field of sustainable camping resort management.


Final conference of the CAMPMASTER project

Final conference Campmaster - foto

The final presentation of the Campmaster project, the first European graduate study in the field of sustainable campsite management, was held on September 29, 2022 in Figueres, Spain



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