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Camping Etiquette

Staff at all Croatian campsites have been trained to look after their guests and they will ensure that you have a pleasant and memorable camping holiday in Croatia. If you need any help or assistance during your holiday, they will be happy to provide this. If you are visiting a Croatian campsite for the first time, it is important that you respect the campsite’s house rules. These rules have been developed to ensure that all guests have a pleasant and safe camping experience. Whilst each campsite has its own rules, there are some common ones which we are listing here:

1. Arrival to the campsite

If you can, please plan your arrival to your campsite during the day. The reason is that the majority of campsites have a defined period of "quiet hours", which are in many cases from midnight through to 6 or 7 in the morning. During this time it is not possible to check in to the campsite. The mounting of tents, ante-tents and other equipment is also forbidden during the night. However, if you happen to arrive during the night, ask the receptionist to allow you to camp in campsite's parking area or on the area close to the entrance or reception. A large number of campsites also have a defined "quiet period" during day, often between 1.00 p.m. and 3.00 p.m. During this period it is also forbidden to check into the campsite – we recommend you check this with your campsite before your departure.

2. Reception and check-in

Camping San Marino

Campsites will only accept guests who have checked-in at reception. Anyone wishing to stay at a campsite has to be checked in, pets included. During check-in you will be given a little tablet with a number on it which you have to display on a visible position on your tent or caravan. You will also be given a pass to enter and exit the campsite as well as a magnetic stripe card. The plaque provides proof to the campsite controller that you are properly registered and it guarantees you a pleasant camping vacation. Non registered clients staying at the campsite will be charged. Please pay attention to the reception's working hours!

3. Choosing your camping spot

You can choose your camping spot yourself on non numbered pitches only. You will find instructions for this at reception. It may be that some numbered pitches are not being used, but before taking one for yourself you should first check with reception whether it has been reserved or booked in advance. Some campsites will let you choose a free pitch by yourself, while in others the campsite staff will show you which pitches are free.

While arranging your camping equipment, do please keep within your pitch boundaries, and please avoid spreading out onto your neighbour's pitches. Keep your laundry, shoes and car on your own allocated space and don't invade your neighbours' area so that you do not spoil their vacation.

4. Electricity connection

As a rule, the connection and disconnection to electricity supplies in the campsite is carried out by an authorised member of staff. For your safety please do not try to do this yourself, and under no circumstances attempt to carry out any repairs to electrical installations.

5. Driving inside the campsite

Ensure you respect the right of way of pedestrians and cyclists if you drive inside the campsite. The usual maximum permitted speed is 10 – 20 km/h.

6. Cleanness and tidiness in the campsite

Camping Zagreb

Each guest has an obligation to keep their allocated area clean. You are kindly requested to collect garbage in plastic bags and to dispose of the bags in the provided recycling containers. Leave toilets clean and tidy after use – just the way you would like to find them. On your departure, you will be expected to leave your camping area clean and tidy ready for the next guests.

7. Pets – dogs in the campsite

Even though a certain number of campsites do not accept pets, the majority of camps welcome pets. Some camps restrict pets to special designated areas, whilst others will allow your pet free access throughout the camp.

For everyone’s safety and so that those who don't share your love of pets have a pleasant camping holiday, dogs have to be kept on a leash throughout the campsite, including on your own pitch. As a pet owner, you have an obligation to collect and clean your dog’s waste and to dispose it into special containers provided by the camp. After all, how would you or your child feel if you stepped barefoot on some pet waste?

Dogs are not allowed to swim in the sea by the campsite beach, unless the camp has a separate beach especially for guests with dogs. Campsites accepting dogs will provide special pet sanitary facilities including dog showers. Pet and dog food can be bought either in the campsite’s own store or usually in a nearby shop.

8. Washing your car or boat

It is not permitted to wash cars or boats within the camp area, except in cases where the camp has an area designated for this purpose or when the campsite has its own car wash. For ecological reasons, washing cars is also forbidden on camping areas and pitches.

9. Boats in the campsite and water sports

A large number of Croatian campsites are equipped with a boat ramp and a boat crane. Within the campsite it is forbidden to tie the boats on the swimmers line, even on private buoys. Boats must always be tied to bouys assigned by campsite staff and that are situated outside swimming areas. Many camps have their own small private marinas. To use them you will be required to report your boat to the Port authority’s branch office. For scuba diving with equipment, a special permit is required, just as for any kind of fishing activity.

10. Fire lighting

It is strictly forbidden to light fires in any camp. Many campsites have special areas for barbecues, equipped with fire extinguishers. In some camps you are allowed to cook only with gas and electric barbecues.

11. Money and other valuables

For your safety, never leave money and valuables unattended. We recommend that you deposit your money and other valuables with the camp’s reception, – which are attended 24 hours a day. Camps will not take any responsibility for lost or damaged property, or for any accident caused by a guest’s negligence.

12. Refrigerators

In order to enjoy a refreshing vacation, the majority of campsites offer refrigerators you can use at extra charge. You are kindly requested to take care of the refrigerators and to keep them clean and locked – and to take good care of the key. The refrigerators are not freezers.

13. Guests check-out

In general, the payment for your stay has to be made on your departure day or a day earlier (in this case the tablet with a number, which has been allocated to you during the check-in, has to be returned). We recommend you settle your payment a day earlier to avoid queuing, and to pay attention to the cashier’s desk working hours. Departure times are from around 10 a.m. to noon (12 p.m.) Please keep to the departure times, as many campsites will charge you for an extra day should you leave after these hours.


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