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Camping with dog

Pet owners, be they dogs, cats, or other animals, often include their most loyal friends in all of their everyday activities, including traveling. That is why pets, which are regarded as family members, require good quality campsites with tailored facilities and services to make their stay enjoyable, carefree and fun.

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What do pets „expect“ in campsites?

Considering that each trip is often a new and, to a certain extent, stressful experience, pets will certainly be happier if they do not have to give up on their daily habits while travelling, which is an essential prerequisite for their happiness, the satisfaction of their owners, as well as of their environment.

We believe that your pet would certainly be fully satisfied if it could do the following while staying in a campsite:

  • stay freely in the accommodation facilities;
  • use the beach;
  • use areas for running and entertaining;
  • use facilities to maintain hygiene;
  • have good hosts and neighbors and
  • make new friends.

Therefore, we are sure that you will be delighted to know that in most Croatian campsites pets are more than welcome!

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What do Croatian campsites offer for pets?

If you own a pet, by choosing one of the many Croatian campsites for your next holiday, you will also choose the best place for your four-legged friend`s vacation. Some Croatian campsites have:

  • set up special pet-friendly areas within the campsites;
  • arranged and marked beaches or part of a beach where pets can swimm and freshen up;
  • built appropriate showers with cold, but also warm water for bathing pets;
  • equipped shops with pet food and equipment;
  • arranged playgrounds for dogs;
  • dog trainers who, if their owners are unable to do so, will walk, train and entertain their four-legged friends.

The following campsites are especially suitable for a camping holiday with your pet:

  • Lanterna Premium Camping Resort, Poreč – with a fully dedicated pet friendly mobile home area, dog play area, water park, dog run-in area and pet store;
  • Campsites Slatina and Čikat, islands of Cres and Lošinj – with the unique project called "Camping Cum Cane" in which dogs and their owners are able to participate in numerous educational and entertaining programs.
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And what about pet owners?

It is important for pet owners to take care of their pet while camping, but also to comply with the campsite`s house rules, in order to set an example for all other pet owners inside the campsite:

  • watch your pet's behavior towards other guests and pets inside the campsite;
  • while walking through a campsite, the pet has to be on a leash;
  • clean up after it;
  • respect the campsite`s quiet time during the day and night.
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