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Dalmatia - Split county


The residents of this city will tell you, with no small pride and little hesitation, that Split is the most beautiful city in the world. And it will not be long before you will come to realize that they do have a case. This eternally young city, whose urban life has been on-going for 1700 years, ever since the Roman Emperor Diocletian chose it for his place of rest and ultimate retirement, has recorded its millennium-long existence in the tome of the UNESCO world’s cultural heritage.

Split riva - photo
Photo: Patricia Jekki

Located in the warmest part of the northern shores of the Mediterranean, with mount Marjan - the lovely park-wood as its green soul - Split basks in some 2700 hours of annual sunshine and is the economic, industrial and cultural centre of this region.

Culture, entertainment, gastronomic variety, opportunities for active recreation and numerous excursions to its surroundings, all are guaranteed to ensure that Split will forever remain in your memory, a town that you will always return to with joy.


Extending the full length and breadth of the foothills of Biokovo, shaded by lush Mediterranean vegetation, is the Makarska Riviera. Alongside numerous hotels and tourist estates there are numerous campsites.

Brela, Makarska riviera - photo
Photo: Ivo Biočina, CNTB

Island of Brač

Brač is Croatia’s third largest island and is well connected both to the mainland and to other islands by ferry and shipping lines. The island’s major industries include agriculture, fishing, extraction and processing of the world famous Brač marble, but one of its most developed activities is tourism. The best known place on the island is Bol, with its magically beautiful beach known as Zlatni rat. And it is in the vicinity of this beautiful spot and natural phenomenon that a large number of campsites are situated.

Other well known tourist destinations on Brač are Supetar and Pučišća. A combination of pleasant climate, rich vegetation and lovely beaches are proving quite irresistible to those who visit this wonderful island in increasing numbers, and again and again. Ever-increasing numbers of tourists are visiting Brač, particularly since the island has had its own airport.

Island of Hvar

Fashionable Island of Hvar is famous for the greatest number of sunny days in the year and for its widely lauded medicinally beneficial climate - particularly for those suffering from asthma. Hvar is a true fortress of island tourism in Croatia.


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