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Dalmatia - Zadar county

Throughout its often tumultuous past, its rulers frequently changing, Zadar, this ancient Greek Idassa or Roman Jadera, has grown and developed due to its excellent position which provides protection from the land, its rear protected and its port safer still.

The city, located on the Adriatic highway - and therefore retaining the attributes of an important transit point - as well as sharing its boundaries with three of Croatia’s national parks (Paklenica, Velebit and Kornati), is the economic and cultural centre of this part of Central Dalmatia.

Aerial view of Zadar - photo
Photo: Ivo Biočina, CNTB

The wonderful and varied vegetation and mild climate further enhanced the area’s development as a prime tourist destination. The Zadar area is a well developed tourist region with some 50 settlements and extending across more than 1200 km of coastline, off which are about 150 islands, isles and reefs, countless coves and idyllic tiny beaches amid unspoilt nature, washed by clean, crystal-clear blue seas.

Northern Dalmatia (including Zadar County) has several well known camping destinations - extending from Straško to Zaton in Nin. On the island of Silba, located SW of the island of Pag, there is variety of beaches ideally suited to naturist recreation, which is also available on the islands of Olib, Premuda, Ist, Molat, Iž and Vir.

Although many islands off the coast of Zadar possess all the preconditions for a quality tourist destination, they have not all as yet fully utilised their potential and natural beauties. Those which have, like Pašman, Silba, Premuda, Ist, Molat, Iž, Rava, but also lovely nature parks such as Telašćica and Mir, are now well known and popular tourist destinations.


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