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Dalmatia - Šibenik county

Šibenik, an ancient historical city that long ago was inhabited by the Illyrian tribe of Dalmati, and one of the major cities along the Adriatic highway, is roughly equidistant between Zadar and Split, and about 80km from each of the two cities.

It is situated close to the mouth of the River Krka and its famous waterfalls which create an exquisitely beautiful natural beauty spot and comprise, in fact, one of Croatia’s eight national parks.

The city itself is surrounded by numerous fortifications, since it was always defending itself from many would-be conquerors, and its historical destiny placed it under the sway of numerous masters. They have all left their traces in and around the city, and across the times the entire heritage has merged into a harmonious blend of old and new.

Separated from the open sea by a number of islands, the best known among them is Murter, the largest in this beautiful Adriatic archipelago. The entire Šibenik area, with its lovely riviera, has been touristically fully valorised and developed.


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