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Dalmatia - Šibenik county

Out of a total of 1244 Croatian islands, islets, rocks and reefs, more than 240 of them belong to the Šibenik region, making it one of the most interesting destinations for exploring these beautiful pearls of the Adriatic. The combination of rich cultural and historical heritage and unique natural beauties are the main features of this region.

Šibenik - photo
Photo: Julie Duval, CNTB

City of Šibenik

The city of Šibenik, one of the largest cities on the Dalmatian coast, is located in a sheltered bay, near the mouth of the Krka River. The city is decorated with numerous cultural and historical monuments that will delight you. Some of the most prominent ones are:

  • St. James Cathedral, the only cathedral in Europe built entirely out of stone, without the use of any binder or wooden structural elements, and which, due to its exceptional value, has been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List;
  • St. Michael's Fortress, where you can enjoy various concerts, festivals, performances and exhibitions;
  • Barone Fortress, which, together with the fortress of St. John, was the backdrop for shooting scenes from the popular Game of Thrones series;
  • St. Nicholas Fortress, located on the narrow sea passage leading to the port of Šibenik, characterized by a triangular shape;
  • 4 Wells Square, once the main source of drinking water for the inhabitants of Šibenik, and today a location where you can enjoy the sounds of klapa singing, the traditional Croatian vocal music included in the UNESCO list of Intangible Heritage in Europe;
  • Medieval monastery Mediterranean garden, with many herbs and spices.

The harmony of old and modern architecture is present almost every step of the way, and numerous events will give you an unforgettable sensation of returning to the past, as well as an experience of today's urban lifestyle in this highly unique city.

The Cathedral of St. James - photo
Photo: Zoran Jelaca, CNTB

Explore the many riches of the Šibenik region!

Apart from the city of Šibenik, the whole area of the Šibenik region is full of various attractions for all tastes and ages, so don't miss to visit the following:

  • Kornati National Park, certainly one of the most famous Croatian national parks, with as many as 89 islands, islets and rocks;
  • Krka National Park, with numerous waterfalls, cascades and the islet of Visovac;
  • Island of Murter, where the town of Betina is located, known for its wooden boat shipyards;
  • Island of Zlarin, widely known for its corals;
  • Island of Krapanj, the smallest populated island in Croatia known for its tradition of producing sponges;
  • Vransko jezero Nature Park, with an ornithological reserve in its northwestern part;
  • Faust Vrančić memorial center on the island of Prvić, dedicated to the well-known inventor who invented the parachute
  • Dinara, a mountain in the deep hinterland of Šibenik, it has the highest peak in Croatia;
  • Dubrava Falconry Center, in which numerous birds of prey can be seen;
  • Knin Fortress, Europe's second largest military fortification.

In the Šibenik region, you can also visit the neighboring tourist towns of Primošten, Vodice and Pirovac, as well as the islands of Žirje and Kaprije.

Camping in the Šibenik region

Some of the best Croatian campsites are located in the vicinity of the town of Šibenik. Among them are Solaris Camping Beach Resort, as one of the campsites where you can find an aquapark, and Jezera Village a campsite on the island of Murter.

Small and charming family owned campsites like Jasenovo and Robeko can be found around the region while the two mentioned are also members of the best small campsites selection – OK mini camps


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