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Dalmatia - Dubrovnik county

The pleasant climate, rich cultural and historical heritage, beautiful islands and lush vegetation are the features of the southernmost Croatian region whose center, the historic city of Dubrovnik, is certainly its strongest trump card, and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia, but also in this part of Europe.

Dubrovnik Dalmatia - photo
Photo: Ivo Biočina, CNTB

City of Dubrovnik

The city of Dubrovnik, the ancient Roman Ragusa, is the center of the southernmost Croatian region, and certainly one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. As an independent republic, for many years it has gained its wealth through its extraordinary sense of commerce, nowadays visible in its elegant architecture and diverse cultural and historical heritage.

Although it has been hit by many adversities during its long history, from the earthquake that almost completely destroyed it, through the fires and wars that have plagued many of its landmarks, thanks to its timeless beauty, preservation and value, the entire old town of Dubrovnik is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you decide to visit Dubrovnik, don't miss the following:

  • walking on the 2-kilometres long city walls, a symbol of the city;
  • drinking a coffee on Stradun, the most famous street in Dubrovnik;
  • taking a tour of Knežev dvor, formerly the seat of the Rector of the Republic of Dubrovnik, and today a cultural and historical museum;
  • enjoying the unforgettable view of the whole city and its surroundings from the Srđ hill, which you can also reach by cable car.

Dubrovnik is also home to one of the most renowned Croatian festivals, the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, whose musical, theatrical and dance events take place inside unique fortresses and other attractive locations.

Ston Dalmatia - photo
Photo: Ivo Biočina, CNTB

Dubrovnik and its magical surroundings

Apart from the city itself, throughout the Dubrovnik region you will find numerous natural and cultural attractions and sights. Some of the ones that stand out the most are:

  • Mljet island, part of which has been designated a National Park;
  • Korčula island, birthplace of Marco Polo;
  • Pelješac peninsula, known for its premium red wines Dingač and Postup, oysters and the monumental walls of Ston;
  • Trsteno arboretum, one of the oldest Renaissance parks in the world.

Camping in the Dubrovnik region

In addition to its exceptional beauty, the city of Dubrovnik and its surroundings also attract its guests thanks to numerous, mostly smaller, family owned campsites. Some of the best Croatian campsites located in this region are Nevio and Lavanda, located along a beautiful pebble beach in Orebić, a town known for its long maritime tradition. Larger campsites include the Solitudo Sunny Camping, situated just 10-minutes by car from the city center of Dubrovnik, thus providing an excellent combination of relaxation in nature and proximity to the city center.

Among the many small campsites, some of the best ones can be found on the Pelješac peninsula and along the coast near Dubrovnik.


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