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Dalmatia - Dubrovnik county


The county of Dubrovnik stretches from the town of Ploče to Prevlaka peninsula and includes Pelješac peninsula and islands of Korčula, Lastovo and Mljet. Being the most souther region of Croatia, it is furtherest to reach from the Western Europe, but very well worth it!

Dubrovnik (old Roman Ragusa) is the southernmost Croatian city but also undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the whole of Europe.

They call it the pearl of the Adriatic, the cultural Athens and a touristic Mecca. Dubrovnik has experienced a turbulent past, it has been devastated by earthquakes and disease, but it has survived. Its superb diplomatic skills and keen trading sense ensured it the status of an independent Republic for a number of centuries, enabling it to acquire the riches that today are visible in the exquisite architecture and a vast wealth of cultural heritage. The City is guarded by Mount Srđ, by its mighty walls and fortresses, and by its patron saint, St. Blasius.

In the course of the last half a century Dubrovnik has added yet another illustrious page to its fame as the venue of one of the best known summer festivals held each year. Many other cultural events - from classical music concerts and opera and drama, to ethno heritage manifestations, are staged in the unique settings provided by fortresses and other equally impressive sites.

For freedom loving Dubrovnik, that freedom is a symbol and a never ending inspiration.

An excellent climate, elegant and distinguished architecture, enchanting islands off its shores and idyllic surroundings with sumptuous Mediterranean flora have made Dubrovnik one of the most graceful and best loved tourist destinations in Croatia, and indeed in this part of Europe.

This area also embraces the marvellous Islands Korčula, Lastovo and Mljet as well as Pelješac peninsula.


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