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  • Baške Oštarije

    The village of Baške Oštarije is situated in the unspoilt nature of the Velebit mountain, at 924 meters above sea level, 18 km from the town of Karlobag.

    This picturesque village is a favorite destination among hiking lovers. With its ski center, which is located about a thousand meters above sea level, it is ideally located for those looking for true relaxation in nature.

  • Gospić

    Halfway between Zagreb and Split, in the very heart of Lika, a region of unbeatable and unique natural beauty, lies the town of Gospić.

    Agriculture and cattle breeding are the main activities of the local population and that is why numerous Lika gastronomic specialties can be tasted in this area. Paklenica National Park, Velebit Nature Park, and the "Nikola Tesla" Memorial Center are unavoidable natural and cultural attractions in the vicinity.

  • Karlobag

    Karlobag is located between the Velebit Mountain and the sea, along the road that connects Rijeka and Dubrovnik. From Karlobag it is possible to visit the Plitvice Lakes National Park.

    As a blend of Mediterranean and continental gastronomy, the traditional cuisine of Karlobag reflects its geographical location. A holiday in this town is not complete without a visit to the Velebit Mountain or a drive on the local bike trails.

  • Otočac

    The town of Otočac is situated in the very heart of Lika, a region rich in natural attractions, of which the national parks of Plitvice Lakes and Northern Velebit are particularly prominent.

    In the center of the town, you can find numerous cultural and historical monuments, while all the lovers of sport, recreation and adventure have at their disposal countless opportunities and facilities outside the town for an unforgettable holiday: fishing, kayaking and canoeing, zip-lining, cycling, hiking and many more.

  • Rizvanuša

    Rizvanuša is a typical Lika village, located in the Velebit Nature Park, about 30 km from the sea, near the town of Gospić.

    The adventure-excursion center Rizvan City is by part reserved for lovers of camping. This adventure park offers numerous activities that include ziplining and human table football.

  • Senj

    The town of Senj is known as a tourist destination in which visitors can enjoy the sea and the mountains in the same day. It is the largest town on the road between Rijeka and Zadar.

    With more than a 3000 years long history, Senj is the center of the homonymous Riviera and the Lika-Senj County. This destination offers interesting sport and recreational facilities, which include fishing and free climbing.

  • Sjeverni Velebit - National Park

    North Velebit (Sjeverni Velebit) is the youngest of the Croatian national parks, established in 1999. It comprises the most attractive and, in terms of nature, the most valuable areas of the northern part of Velebit.

    A large number of attractive sights are concentrated in this predominantly mountainous park-magnificent carst forms of Hajdučki and Rožanski kukovi, unique botanical garden and Lukina cave, one of the longest in the world. Croatian mountaineers consider this area the greatest jewel among the Croatian mountains.

  • Sveti Juraj

    Sveti Juraj is a typical coastal village, located 9 km south of the town of Senj. It is located in a bay surrounded on one side by the Gradina hill, and on the other by the islet of Lisac.

    The main activity of the local population is tourism. On offer are the many tourist facilities of the nearby town of Senj and the rest of the Riviera. Krasno, a village situated on the slopes of the Velebit mountain, is located 23 km away.

  • Velebit - Nature Park

    With its area of almost 2,000 km2, the Velebit Nature Park is the largest protected area of Croatia, larger than all other protected areas taken together.

    Within the Park, there is a series of smaller protected areas, including two national parks: Northern Velebit and Paklenica, and the strict reserves of Hajdučki and Rožanski kukovi.


  • Vrhovine

    Vrhovine municipality is located between the Plitvice Lakes and Velebit national parks. The municipality is located in the very heart of Lika. It has almost no industry and is therefore a true example of intact and pure nature.

    The local population mainly works in the tourism, agriculture and wood industry sectors.

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