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The Best Campsites in Kvarner

Kvarner camping is very popular and numerous campsites can be found in this region. Kvarner is the largest Croatian bay, a region that covers islands and mainland coast. This is area of green nature and mountains, architecture and culture. It stretches from the Učka massif and city of Rijeka to the Dalmatian coast and includes islands of Cres, Lošinj, Krk and Rab.

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Best Kvarner Campsites
Best Kvarner Campsites

1. Camping on Krk

2. Camping on Cres

3. Camping on Rab

4. Camping on Lošinj

General Information

Sea temperature during the summer season 24°C; average summer temperature 23°C. A great wealth of plant species: from oak and chestnut forests to pines, coastal dense evergreen underbrush, Spanish broom and sage. In this area grows a great number of plant species that are truly rare - endemic species. The Kvarner Riviera climate is mild Mediterranean.


It is said that some of the most beautiful Croatian breathtaking beaches and coves with small pebbles are located on the area of the Kvarner islands, and often these beaches are accessible only by boat, which makes them especially mysterious. On the coastal part comfortably neat beaches prevail, with plateaus and sunbathing spots. The Blue Flag is the symbol of 28 Kvarner beaches.


The wealth of the Kvarner kitchen is created by a variety of authentic dishes of the sea belt and those of the continental part. In the littoral region and the islands, you will be offered with Mediterranean tastes: renowned Kvarner scampi (shrimps), tasty lamb fed on the sage fields, “šurlice”… The kitchen of Gorski Kotar will overwhelm you with meat and game dishes, frog specialties, mushrooms, snails, freshwater fish... Highly esteemed among wines is the Vrbnik Žlahtina. Kvarner is famous for its renowned chestnuts in whose honor the manifestation "Dani maruna" - "The Chestnut Days" is held each October in Lovran.

Active Holiday

Watching dolphins or griffon vultures, sport and underwater activities on the sea, lakes and rivers, sailing, rafting, canoeing, fishing, mountaineering, hiking, cycling, hunting, horseback riding, windsurfing, parachuting, hang-gliding, tennis, beach volleyball.


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