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Croatia by camper - discover Istria in 8 days

Day 1 – 2: Umag and the Istrian hinterland


After having reached the Croatian border from Slovenian coastline, you will reach one of the northest point of the west coast of Istria, the town of Umag, a fashionable town inhabited since Roman times, when the roman aristocracy used it as their summer residence. The town has preserved parts of defense fortresses, towers and also boasts the renaissance and baroque houses and a church. Visit the parish of the Virgin Mary assumption or Saint Pellegrino’s church, the remains of the roman Villa Tiola on the Katoro peninsula or simply enjoy one of the numerous sport and entertainment manifestations.

Before you continue your trip and take your campervan or motorhome south, we recommend the visit to the hinterland of Istria. The roads will lead you through the marvelous greenery of the peninsula, through the valley of river Mirna whose cultivated vineyards and olive trees fields reminds of the valorous hands of local people. Take a break in one of the numerous hills with medieval towns-fortresses.

Visit to any of medieval towns will not be a mistake at all, but we especially recommend a visit to Grožnjan and Motovun. Grožnjan is a city of artists where concerts and art manifestations are held on regular basis, and you will be delighted with its galleries and studios (about 20 of them) where you can even participate in the art creation. Very similar is Motovun, known for the legend of the giant Veli Jože, the truffles, the film festival, and also for its double ring of medieval fortresses.

Campsites of Umag, Savudrija, Motovun and Novigrad

Day 3 – 4: Poreč – ideal mix of culture and beautiful coastline


Proceed your way towards Poreč, have a cup of coffee in the morning in one of fashionable bars in the Poreč harbour, then take a stroll along Poreč streets and get swept away by ancient times. An absolute must is a visit to the Basilica of St. Euphrasius which is under the UNESCO's protection. The Basilica is unique because it has preserved the elements of its interior and exterior and remained unchanged for 17 centuries already. Continuing on, have a look at the gothic style pentagonal tower with a relief of a venetian lion on its front, situated at the beginning of the main street, Decumanus, and since you are already here, go on to the Marafor, the biggest and the oldest square of Poreč, in the shape of a rectangular roman forum.

We recommend to spend the following day on the beautiful beaches of Poreč, and in the afternoon take off towards Rovinj – use the picturesque coastal road that will lead you through towns of Vrsar and Funtana.

Campsites of Poreč, Vrsar and Funtana

Day 5 – 6: Lim Channel and Rovinj

Lim Channel

On your way to Rovinj, a short break in the Lim Channel is a must. Lim Channel is an impressive protected fjord in which there are fish and shells farms. From the highest point you can enjoy a splendid view of the coastline and the Kontija forest. Buy some of the numerous souvenirs that will remind you of this beautiful place for a long time after you leave Istria.

Rovinj, considered by many of its guests as one of the most romantic cities of the entire Adriatic coastline, will conquer you with its picturesque streets and a unique atmosphere, and you will be embraced by traces of ancient Illyricum, Roman and Venetian times when the harbour of Rovinj was one of the busiest harbours of the Adriatic and Rovinj was a fishing superpower.

Do not miss a gentle climb to the St Eufemija church, built upon the example of St Mark of Venice church; visit the 7 doors of the city that once represented the only entrances into the city at the distant times when when Rovinj was divided from the mainland by the sea. Peak into numerous antique shops and authentic inns along the quay, and if you are a nature lover do not miss the park woods Zlatni rt (Golden Cape). During the evening we recommend a stroll along the popular Grisia street, full of souvenir shops, art galleries and small bars which is a mecca for tourists.

Campsites in Rovinj and Bale

Day 7 – 8: Fažana, Brijuni and Pula

Rt Kamenjak

Take your camper towards Fažana, small fishing town known for its "anchovy and sardine fish party". If you happen to be here at the right time, you can participate to the classes of salting anchovies and sardines, and if not, have fun enjoying other popular manifestations often held in town.

Fažana is also the starting point to the visit of National park Brijuni, which, apart from the rich flora and fauna, has been known for many years as the annual place of gathering of world’s powerful people, especially when the island was a presidential residence.

If after so much nature you miss the city air, go towards Pula, 3 millennia old city with almost 100 km of beautiful well-indented coastline. Of course, do not miss to visit the Arena, one of the most beautiful roman amphitheaters of the world, then the temple of Saint Augustus, as well as the underground tunnels from the Austro-Ungaric Empire when Pula was an important commercial and military centre.

Pula, along with many historical monuments, offers many entertainment possibilities for many different tastes and here visitors of all generations will enjoy their stay. For the best beaches in the area go south from Pula to the very edge of the Istrian peninsula where the park Rt Kamenjak is situated, and numerous beaches with crystal clear waters will be expecting you!

Campsites in Pula, Fažana and Medulin

Discover Istria in 8 days


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