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Croatia by camper - the hinterland in 4 days

This camper tour can be joined with any of the other campervan coastal tours or done separately. All campsites of the inland Croatia

Day 1: Plitvice lakes

Plitvice lakes

After having explored the coastline, explore the beauty of the Croatian hinterland. Take the direction of Gospić and the National park Plitvice Lakes. The park is a mix of 16 lakes whose cascades deserved the CNN recognition as third of the most beautiful lakes of the world.

The image of turquoise lakes immerged in a thick green wood will not leave your mind easily and it will fulfill you with beauty that can be offered only by the original untouched nature.

We recommend a visit to Plitvice at any time of year, given that any season hides a particular charm and it will additionally spice the experience of numerous cascades, sparkling waterfalls and thick vegetation that hides a rich flora and fauna. Probably one day will not be enough for you to discover all the charms of this natural pearl and certainly you shall desire to come back.

Day 2 – 3: Karlovac and Zagreb


Proceed northern with your camper, the road will lead you through the fertile and cultivated hinterland of Croatia, all the way to Karlovac, city on four rivers, that offers you a number of possibilities for an afternoon pick nick in one of the famous excursion spots. If you take a walk along the city centre, pay attention to its plan. The ancient part of the town has been built in the 16th century as the last line of defense from the Turks, and it is adorned by the unique city centre of a six legged star shape that in Europe exist only in two other places: Palmanova in Italy and Novy Zamky in the Slovak republic.

In less than one hour the motorway will lead you to the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. Take some time to visit this modern city which has still preserved the old medieval nucleus and which has been for centuries developing as a rich cultural, scientific and strong commercial and economic centre under the Sljeme Mountain.


Do not miss to take a stroll on the streets of old baroque Upper Town, visit Markov Trg (Marko's square) with a church with unusual roof tiles, see the house of Sabor, the Croatian parliament which today is the centre of Croatian politic power. We also suggest to climb the Lotrščak, the Grič tower from which the cannon shot marks the noon every day since 1877!

Zagreb's Cathedral is definetely worth a visit as it is the biggest Croatian sacral monument, but also do not miss the numerous parks like the Ribnjak, Zrinjevac and Tuškanac.

Of course, like every real metropolis, the city is full of museums, theatres and rich nightlife and with many possibilities for shopping or simply sightseeing.

Day 4: Zagorje – spa centres and baroque castles of the Zagreb surroundings

Croatian Zagorje

After the morning coffee in one of the many and never empty café’s of Zagreb (because Croatia is known as a nation of coffee lovers), head towards the Zagreb's bypass road and follow the signs for Krapina. This road will take you directly to the Croatian Zagorje, a picturesque area of rolling hills, vineyards and woodlands, and less than hour away from Zagreb.

The Croatian Zagorje is full of medieval and baroque castles. We recommend a visit to castle Bežanec, Veliki Tabor or one of the most beautiful Croatian castles, Trakošćan.

Croatian Zagorje has numerous thermal springs ("toplice") that are definetely worth a visit. Stubičke toplice, Krapinske toplice or Tuheljske toplice are all popular wellness centres and one of focus of the wellness tourism in Croatia.

The hinterland in 4 days


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