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With campervan through Croatia - Senj, Zadar and the islands

Day 1 – 2: Senj, Velebit and Rab

Begin this campervan tour from Senj, town marked by a fortresses which was for many years the stronghold of the Romans, and later of the ambushers that successfully protected the town from the Ottoman empire and Venice.


The prominent Nehaj fortress was built out of the needs to protect the town and it is certainly worth visiting, if not for the historical component, than at least for the splendid view it offers.

After a stop-over at Senj, proceed south towards Zadar through the picturesque road along the very coastline, below the National park Velebit, part of Velebit masiff. The park has 109 km2 and it is known for the variety of karts phenomena, the rich flora and fauna and marvelous beauties of nature on a relatively small area.

When you reach Jablanac take a ferry Jablanac-Mišnjak to the Island of Rab. It is called the Love Island by many. Visit Lopar and spend a day in one of the many hidden sandy beaches in the surroundings of Lopar.

The town of Rab, known for its 4 towers is a real experience, and it will impress you with its architecture, the leafy park situated above the very centre, and equally magnificent is the white colour of the stone used to build almost all buildings.

If you happen to be in Rab at the end of July, do not miss the "Rab’s fjera" - a medieval festival held on the day of Saint Christopher, Rab's patron, when you can see how the town looked in the times of knights and horsemen.

Campsites of the surroundings of Senj and campsites of Rab

Day 3 – 4: Pag and Nin


Return back to the mainland and after the drive along the coastal road we recommend another hop to the islands, this time to Pag Island. From the highway go down to Prizna from which the ferry boat will take you to the island in 10 minutes. Let your first destination be Novalja, the nearest bigger place after leaving the ferry boat. After the whole day long drive, enjoy the collected impressions in one of the numerous restaurants and café’ bars of Novalja, and before going to sleep relax taking a stroll along the sea.

The Island of Pag is the longest Croatian Island with so many hidden sandy beaches, and from the mainland it will remind you of the moon surface by its looks. Apart from its cheese, the salt, the lace and the lamb meat, Pag is known also for the spectacular night entertainment at the famous beach Zrće. Pag is also suitable for the lovers of mainland and water activities, and certainly the numerous pebble beaches and hidden bays with crystal clear waters will impress you and surprise you with the many cold water sources.

Visit the small northern place, Lun, known for its olive trees in which one of them, according to some scientists, is more than 1600 years old. Going southern and towards the Zadar’s peninsula, visit the town of Pag, administrative and cultural centre of the island that will amaze you with the beach in its very centre, but also with its historical monuments.

If you have some time left, after you cross the bridge that connects the island with the Zadar peninsula, visit the oldest Croatian king’s town, Nin whose history dates from 9th century BC when the town was populated with Illirian tribes and had as many as 40,000 inhabitants. When in Nin, visit "The smallest cathedral in the world", the Church of St. Cross, which was built in 9th century.

If you are too tired, skip Nin and simply proceed towards Zadar, ideal melt of historical beauty and all the advantages that a modern traveler requires.

Campsites of Pag Island

Day 5 – 6: Zadar and surroundings


Take one whole day to visit Zadar and its surroundings, because a city that hides so many cultural and historical sights has to be seen properly. This is a city for which even the famous horror movies maker Alfred Hitchcock, looking at its sunset, said and wrote that this is the most beautiful of the world.

Walking along its streets, you will find a new sight at each step… Saint Donat’s church, Saint Anastasia cathedral, the seven fountains square, the Kalelarga, just as the newest sights as the Sea Organ and the urban installation Salute to the Sun. But if you want only live the pleasant climate that this city spread, you can do that with a glass of the famous sour cherry liqueur called Maraschino, whose secret recipe has been well preserved until today.

Zadar is the main centre for visiting the surrounding islands. We recommend a ferry boat to the Ugljan Island that is also the closest to the city of Zadar. The ferry boat will lead you to the town of Preko where you can enjoy a morning coffee in one of the bars on the shore from which there is a beautiful view to Zadar, right in front. In the afternoon go towards Kukljica and visit Pašman Island that is connected to Ugljan by a bridge.

Campsites of Zadar region


Day 7 – 8: National park Kornati and Nature park Telašćica

Islands Ugljan and Pašman are the ideal starting points from one day trips by boat to the National Park Kornati and Nature Park Telašćica.

Boat trips are organized from Kukljica on Ugljan Island that due to its position is called "Doors of the nature park Telašćica and national park Kornati".

You must not miss the visit to the Island’s national park Kornati, the sea ecosystem that comprises 89 Islands, islets and rocks, and which is loved by sailors of all the world. More about the trips on the Tourist board Kukljica website.

Campsites of Ugljan and Pašman islands

Senj, Zadar and islands


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